Daniel de Bruin

Managing Director, Modelling Design Partners

Based in the UK, Daniel is the managing director of MDP, a boutique software company. MDP is a fast growing company, with offices in London, Edinburgh and Johannesburg, with a proven track-record, listing large multi-national corporations as current clients.

MDP helps organisations make efficiency savings. We do this through new insights gained from extensive data analytics. Our innovative use of technology helps our clients achieve a strategic advantage through improved use of data.

Daniel has extensive experience in multiple software platforms and languages, including Ruby on Rails, C++, and HTML5. As managing partner, he leads several international development teams on various data analytics, automation and software modelling projects. Current clients include large insurance companies, multinational wholesale companies and international banks.

He has over 15 years experience managing and implementing data insight and software modelling projects for clients in Europe, Australia and Africa.

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