Ekaterina Konovalova

Senior Marketing Manager, Ascend Marketing |

Ekaterina Konovalova is the Senior Marketing Manager at Ascend Marketing. She manages social media, email, and direct mail marketing for a Fortune 500 client, one of the top telecom companies in the United States.

The combination of Ekaterina Konovalova's wealth of international experience and curiosity as a social scientist distinguishes her from many other professional marketers. Ekaterina earned her undergraduate degree in Advertising from the Kuban State University of Technology, Krasnodar, Russia. She also earned two Masters degrees: a Master of Arts in Community Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and a Master of Arts in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ekaterina serves on the board of the American Marketing Association as the Executive Vice President of the Mentor/Protege Program. Every year, she pairs a selected group of 25 junior marketing professionals with 25 Mentors (Director, VP, SVP, or C-lever) to gain real-world experience and understanding of various marketing objectives and careers. Outside of work, you might find Ekaterina creating visual art and supporting art organizations.