Jon Hall

President, Sprint |

Jon Hall is the Manager for Mobile Enablement at Sprint. He has developed products, processes, and solutions designed to enhance the B2B sales processes while discovering areas of collaborations between various departments throughout the Enterprise.

Some of the solutions include, BOSS (an internally developed sales enablement tool), FAST (a customer facing marketing tool), Biv TV (a weekly video program to share information with the sales channel), and Social Media Pro ( a social media training tool designed to help salespeople understand and utilize the benefits of social platforms). He is also a regular participant and advisor for the Sprint Accelerator assisting in various Kansas City Startups.

Previously, Hall was an award winning Account Executive for Sprint & FedEx. In addition he has been apart of several startups including his own consulting company "Ethos Technology Consulting" which focused on Social Media for Small & Medium size Businesses. He has demonstrated a propensity for ideation, innovation, and strategy regardless of the size of the business of the specific challenge they face.

Jon attended Northern Illinois University and recently attended Harvard University and completed a program on Innovation & Strategy.

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