Mitch Arnowitz

Managing Director, Tuvel Commiunications

Mitch Arnowitz, managing director of Washington, DC-based digital communications firm Tuvel Communications, brings experience, creativity, and proven results to harnessing alternative media. A twenty-year veteran of traditional and interactive marketing, Mitch specializes in creating and leveraging relationships to drive loyalty and effectively market a person, business, or brand. Prior to founding Tuvel Communications, Mitch was Business Development Director of the Morino Institute Netpreneur Program where he helped emerging technology companies solve problems, make connections, and grow their businesses. In addition to working with countless companies one-on-one, Mitch is well known as creator and moderator of one of the Internet's most popular marketing discussion groups, the AdMarketing email list. An opinion leader, Mitch and his work are often quoted in newspapers such as The Washington Post and is cited for "best practices" by leaders in the marketing industry. He is also a frequent moderator and speaker at industry conferences, publishing award-winning marketing guides and interviews for respected industry publications.