Robert White

Owner/Partner, PR Matters

Good, effective PR, communications and a great reputation are built upon integrity, transparency and evidence-based results. "Spin", however, is synonymous with bad PR, because it is based upon an absence of these values.

If someone ever tells you "spin is good PR", or words to that effect, then do your company and yourself a big favour: run in the opposite direction, or put on some BS-noise-cancelling headphones.

In terms of my professional experience: I've 18 years' PR and 24 in communications, editorial and marketing. Experience across a range of industries, including FX, financial services, BPO, telecommunications, publishing, consultancies and agencies. Companies to date have been national or global and included me working and living in the US, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Cyprus.

PR Matters, my own PR consultancy, was established in 2010.

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