Robert Nissenbaum

Consultant, Educator & Speaker, Tactical Social Media |

Who Am I?

The real me: An avid sea kayaker taking full advantage of living on the water at Salmon Beach off the west side of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma's North End.

I spend as much time paddling as I do working. If by chance I am not on the water, I probably hiking, camping or otherwise exploring the PNW. When there is downtime, I could be out with friends, spending quality with my children or just fishing off the deck.

The work me: A consultant, educator, writer and public speaker.

I work with solopreneurs, small and midsized businesses helping them effectively use social media to build relationships, improve brand awareness, drive web traffic, improve SEO and generate leads.

What I teach, implement and speak on has its roots in traditional, old school networking and cold calling. These strategies have been successfully implemented for clients in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors, for profit and not for profit organizations, and service-based and retail-based businesses.

My techniques, based on a decade of personal experience with my own brands, are built on the simple premise that relationships drive business.

Where can you find me?

I'm usually somewhere on the Puget Sound whenever possible (and you can make that happen more often by hiring me)!

When working, I am generally planted in a local coffee shop surrounding by several empty mugs (which may or may not have contained beer at some point. A writer cannot live on coffee alone).

What others have said behind my back?

"What does social media have to do with finding the right clients? -Everything.

"Real relationships are formed when we asked questions and respond to what others are saying; they don't form from us standing on our soap boxes while spouting words of wisdom.

"Robert's unique approach to social media marketing will get you out of the online game and back into a real word, personal style of building comment at a time."

Rhonda Negard