Tara Alemany

Owner/CEO, Aleweb Social Marketing |

Tara R. Alemany is the owner and founder of Aleweb Social Marketing. (In keeping with the times, her teen-aged daughter created the "Aleweb" name as a mash-up between their last name and "the web.") Tara brings more than 20 years of experience writing, training, and providing application support and business process analysis. All of these skills are used in helping her clients achieve their goals. She is frequently recognized for her speaking ability, knowledge and expertise, which she leverages to educate technophobes, trendsetters and a variety of age groups. In her blog, "The Conversations Around Us," she shares thoughts and insights related to the use of social marketing and technology, as well as occasional leadership topics and product reviews. She also guest blogs, has been reprinted in SOLD magazine, and is a contributing author for the Lead Change Group blog, which was recognized by Evan Carmichael as one of the "Top Leadership Blogs of 2010" (ranking 13th in a field of 50 blogs). She has an eBook coming out in the fall ("How to Launch a Book Online"), and has co-authored a book on Character-Based Leadership, which is also due out later this year. In addition to providing consulting services, writing and speaking, Tara serves on the Board of Directors of a non-profit ministry, and is also a martial artist, a short-term missionary, and a homeschooling Mom to 2 kids (one of each), ages 13 and 11.

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