Yasmin Bendror

President/CEO, yMarketingMatters |

First, I invite you to sign up for my blog at www.ymarketingmatters.com. It's the "Best Blog In Town" (or so we've been told!). Get the latest social media and digital marketing trends, tips and best practices.

I've been navigating the marketing landscape for over 20 years. As director and VP of marketing in the corporate and agency worlds, I developed strategies and executed campaigns back when there was something called traditional media and print advertising. As the social and digital worlds evolved, I began offering clients a fresh and exciting option: To connect with customers through of social and online marketing!

I founded yMarketingMatters, a social media and digital marketing agency, in 2010 and have helped many businesses expand their online presence, grow their business, get more leads, and profit with social and digital marketing. I consult with companies - large and small - to provide a digital marketing blueprint for easy, immediate and successful implementation.

We know it's hard to sustain an effective social and digital presence when you're running your business. My team and I work with our clients to create custom strategies that integrate all social and online platforms.

We start with a powerful Marketing Strategy Session. We then develop a comprehensive Marketing Blueprint to include: Content, Social Media, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing and Website.

I'm zealous about planning, tying marketing campaigns to business goals and targets and keeping to a budget.

Social media is here to stay and it definitely needs to be part of your marketing mix.