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November 25, 2015
Facebook has released a new, regionally-focused report, this time looking at the role the platform plays in the lives of women in Thailand. And while the insights are regionally specific, it's interesting to note how similar trends and patterns resonate across cultures and time zones.
Facebook Releases Data on How the Platform is Used by Women in Thailand [Infographic] | Social Media Today
November 25, 2015
Twitter-owned video platform Vine has introduced a raft of new features this year, all of which have added to the user experience. And as it's slowly and quietly grown, Vine has established a place within the wider social space, and could, possibly, be positioned to be the next big platform. Don't believe me? The numbers may tell the story.
Vine Adds New Discovery Tools – The Next Big Thing? | Social Media Today
November 25, 2015
Facebook recently introduced a new feature called Place Tips which provides subscribers with location-based recommendations. In this post, Brett Relander breaks down how they work and how businesses should prepare to maximize the benefits of the tool.
What You Need to Know About Place Tips for Your Facebook Advertising Campaign | Social Media Today
November 25, 2015
Social media is equivalent to one big fat focus group that never sleeps. There’s not a time of day or night that you can’t crawl up in your cozy chair with your laptop and learn what people think of you and your brand. It’s there for the taking.
8 Ways to Use Social Media to Test Your Marketing Campaigns, Programs and Content | Social Media Today
November 24, 2015
Recently, we hosted a webinar on social and customer service, an ongoing series that is industry-specific and sponsored by IBM. Our panelists included the dynamic Jon Hall of Sprint, Perry McDonald of IBM, Michael Galkin of VoiceNEXT, and the discussion centers around how in this industry, where essentially customer acquisition is not the goal (most of us having signed up for one carrier or another) the cost of customer service is the leverage point.
Big Data at the Speed of Business
November 24, 2015
Facebook announced an update to Notes in September, improving the look and feel of the tool with a view to encouraging more bloggers to consider Facebook as a posting option. Now, Facebook's promoting how the new option can and is being used, with a view to encouraging more bloggers to post direct to The Social Network.
Facebook Promotes the New Facebook Notes – A Valid Blogging Option? | Social Media Today
November 24, 2015
Content marketing is fast becoming the key tool in the modern marketers’ kit. But more than just content, audiences are seeking relevant, insightful and useful information, material that delivers on their needs rather than just promoting your business or seeking vanity metrics. LinkedIn has teamed with Brian Solis and Gaping Void to produce a new infographic looking at the importance of not just content, but 'remarkable content'.
Why Audiences are Hungry for Remarkable Content [Infographic] | Social Media Today
November 24, 2015
People love visual media and videos are a great way to amp up the power of your visual content. The ubiquity of video cameras on tablets and smartphones, along with easy-to-use tools included on most popular social media platforms makes developing video content for your brand dead simple.
5 Tips to Develop a Video Series for Your Brand | Social Media Today
November 24, 2015
In a new episode of The Social Business Engine Podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Professor Ari Lightman of Carnegie Mellon University to discuss the challenges of students entering the workforce - for both the students and their employers.
November 23, 2015
Snapchat's introduced a new tool called 'Story Explorer' which will help users find more specific content relevant to their interests on the platform. And the development may be the first step towards improved discovery and functionality on the app.
Snapchat Unveils New Content Discovery Tool ‘Story Explorer’, an Important Development | Social Media Today