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10 Crucial Strategies for Building a Better Business Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why It's Time to Start Thinking Differently About Business Websites

Is your business website working as hard as it should be? Is it helping you to reach your real-world, bottom-line business goals?

Most aren't. In a day and age when it's possible to accomplish so much via the web, most business websites still serve more as "web signs" than actual sources of new customers. They might have nice visuals, but they often aren't compelling, or effective... and most certainly aren't generating new sales opportunities.

Of course, most business owners and executives would love to have a stronger web presence, but aren't sure how to get one. Often, they fall into the trap of thinking that a different design, or perhaps the newest seo gimmick, will do the trick. That's understandable, but the reality is that it takes a lot of different pieces working together to produce a website that's actuall­­y good for your business.

In the short e-book this infographic is based upon, I share 10 of the most important strategies with you. These aren't just concepts or techniques that we’ve dreamed up over coffee, but proven tactics we've used again and again to produce extraordinary results. What kinds of results am I talking about? A 500% increase in new leads over a six-month time period hasn't been unusual, once we get all the components in place and working in harmony.

It's just as important to note that these don't just create new sales opportunities, but potentially better ones, with more lifetime value from each account.

That's because, when new buyers are voluntarily coming to you for answers and requesting information from your company rather than responding to your sales or advertising efforts, the relationship starts off on a significantly better foot. There is more trust on both sides, with fewer negotiations over price, making it easier for a healthy long-term partnership to develop.

If that's the kind of performance you want from your business website, read on. You won't find any gimmicks or cheap tricks in this infographic or the Building a Better Business Website ebook, but you will find simple, straightforward ideas that could dramatically change the way you think about your online presence and the return you get from it.

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10 crucial strategies for better business websites

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By Randy Milanovic

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  • Dec 9 Posted 2 years ago pm2014

    We are constantly working to keep our website relevant. Thanks for the great infographic. We are currently missing a few of these points so I will be sure to review it.

  • Randy Milanovic's picture
    Jan 11 Posted 3 years ago Randy Milanovic

    Agreed Natalie. 

  • Jan 9 Posted 3 years ago Vivek Guleri

    Digital Marketin prediction- 2014 is the year of infographs.

    What I really want to know is that infographs are pictorial-textual representation. Can it replace textual-data( content marketing )

    , that we create to serve audience, completely. I mean it look's innovative but !

  • Social Splash Guru's picture
    Jan 9 Posted 3 years ago Social Splash Guru

    Randy I agree with you that SMT Rocks hehe, but also that there are so many small business owners today have the one and done mindset, which really does limit the exposure and usability of their websites. If only they thought of their website as a personal reflection of their company rather than a business card, websites would have more useful content and better quality SEO rankings. 

  • Randy Milanovic's picture
    Jan 8 Posted 3 years ago Randy Milanovic

    SMT Rocks!

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