10 Hot Apps for Your Android Handset

Posted on February 11th 2013

10 Hot Apps for Your Android Handset

So, you've got an Android device, and now are spoiled for choice when it comes to downloading interesting yet useful applications from more than 700,000 apps available on Google Play Store. Below is a list of my favorite apps, ones that always make me proud of my Android handset. Best yet, most of these are free. 

Let's take a quick stroll:

WiFi Analyzer

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There was a time when slow wireless networks often screwed me up. But now I've got a WiFi Analyzer in my darling handset that helps me determine how many as well as how strong the networks are in my vicinity, letting me connect with the fastest and most reliable one.


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Ah! I love this app. It never lets me miss my handset messages. This app allows me to forward my text messages and picture messages from my Android handset to my desktop via Gmail, Google Talk, and DeskSMS Chrome extension. 

Weather Bomb

 Android apps to make your life easier

Weather Bomb helps me plan my outdoor activities according to the weather of my city. Providing details for seven days of data, this app offers weather forecasts in various formats; my favorite is the graph view in which I can see the week's rain, wind, and cloud forecast along with the temperature, pressure humidity and wave height in a very comprehensive manner.

Google Skymap


I love having fun with this app. I point my dear smartphone up at the night sky and this application lets me read the positions of the constellations, stars and planets.

Llama Location Profiles


Oh! it was so embarrassing when my phone blasted out its ringtone amid the stark silence at my workplace. But now I have Llama automatically put my phone on silence mode when I reach my office. It also helps me in the pre-settings for Bluetooth and charging. It has many more things to check out.

This app doesn't use my phone's GPS, which causes high battery drain. Instead, it uses cell towers around my current location to figure out where I am.



This app helps me make out exactly which application is causing high battery drain-out from my handset. Once I find out who the culprit is, I fix the matter and save much battery power.

APP Lock


APPLock lets me protect my installed applications separately with a password or pattern! Now, I don't get nervous when someone else is playing around my smartphone.

SwiftKey 3


SwiftKey has improved my typing efficiency. In my history as smartphone user, this app has provided me the best keyboard experience with much more accurate corrections and predictions for next words. 



This app keeps me from screwing up myself by working on applications and settings manually. It performs automatically my tasks for everything in my phone in my pre-defined manner. This app features more than 200 actions and triggers along with an app creation section that will let you to create your own app.


Friday does the remembering for me. It lets me capture my life in a passive auto journal, and sets me free from having to remember things. When applied, this app takes notes of my works through the phone and builds a beautiful timeline of the things I do in a very smart manner. Not only this, this app also allows me to filter and search the journal to find the exact information about a particular date or time.

These are the Android apps that have made my life more comfortable. You must try them!


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