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10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Stats 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It is set to be another big and fascinating year for technology, and with a focus in particular on how businesses use technology to enhance their products or services.

In 2014 our love affair and obsession with our smartphones increased even more. As the hand held devices functionality just keeps on expanding so too does our love for them making us more dependent than ever on the incredible piece of technology.

This obsession with our smartphones is not only fueling the big technology companies desire to find new and interesting things for us to be able to do with our phones, but also businesses, who are constantly thinking of ways they can utilise and improve the existing relationships that they have between their customers, their smartphone and themselves.

2014 was the year the mobile really started to test and challenge the desktop - as mobile numbers grew, desktop numbers started their decline.

Emails are now predominately opened on a mobile device, mobile website traffic is increasing all the time and with mobile being the only media consumption on the rise, you can see why so many businesses are turning to it and mobile marketing for their business.

From saving businesses millions on missed appointments with texted appointment reminders, to increasing sales revenue with products and offer promotions by text - it’s no surprise, mobile marketing has become a marketer’s favourite weapon.

I think the mobile is set for another fantastic year, with new uses for the smartphone being discovered all the time it’s power and importance can only grow even stronger. 

Mobile marketing will also increase in 2015, as businesses continue to get to grips with the platform they will be honing their mobile marketing skills which will be increasing it’s worth, use and value to their business marketing plan.

Underneath we have 10 incredible mobile marketing stats that explain just why mobile marketing is proving to be so successful and why it will continue to grow into 2015.


Source: Text Marketer

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