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10 Models Who Have Rocked Social Media This Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media remains a popular medium for models to connect with their fans. After viewing this infographic produced by UK Models, it has become rather clear as to who is popular and admired among today’s general public.

From Tyra Banks to Gisele Bundchen, from Kendra Wilkinson to Heidi Klum, these 10 models are sharing their looks but also their lives with their loyal fans – despite being a huge success, Kate Moss isn’t on the social media list.

Here are the 10 models who have rocked social media in 2014:

1. Tyra Banks

This well-known American model and television personality maintains more than six million followers on Facebook and an additional 11.3 million fans on Twitter.

2. Adriana Lima

The Brazilian bombshell, who has graced the covers of many magazines, has garnered 5.4 million Facebook friends and 1.47 million Twitter followers.

3. Heidi Klum

Despite being in the business for a few decades now, Klum still maintains to be one of the most popular media professionals. Although she debuted prior to the enormous social media landscape, she has 3.48 million Facebook followers and 2.28 million Twitter connections.

4. Gisele Bundchen

Although she is probably the most popular model in the world right now, she has been placed in the fourth spot when it comes to rocking social media as she maintains 3.53 million-plus Facebook followers and 1.77 million-plus Twitter followers.

5. Irina Shayk

This Russian beauty has conquered the modeling world but now she is on her way to the big screen. With that level of success, it’s no wonder why she has 4.27 million Facebook followers and 452,580 Twitter followers.

Here are the remaining five models who have been popular on social media this year:

6. Kendra Wilkinson: 2.2 million-plus Facebook followers and 2.47 million Twitter followers;

7. Katie Price: Over two million Facebook followers and nearly two million Twitter followers;

8. Dita Von Teese: 1.6 million Facebook followers and 1.6 million Twitter followers;

9. Alessandra Ambrosio: Nearly two million Facebook followers and more than one million Twitter followers;

10. Holly Madison: 1.5 million Facebook followers and 1.36 million Twitter followers.



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