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10 Ways Google+ Will Improve Your SEO

ImageThere are still people that argue for a wait and see strategy before using Google Plus. They will often point to lower numbers of people using Google Plus. These people fundamentally misunderstand the nature of Google Plus and the way it can improve your SEO results, even if none of your clients actually use Google Plus itself.

There are ten ways that Google Plus will improve your SEO:

  1. Google Plus content is treated by Google just like any other page on the web. Google Plus content will be efficiently indexed by Google, it will gain page rank and appear in Google’s search results.  With two thirds of searches in the US taking place on Google you want your content indexed and searchable in this way.
  2. Your Google Plus posts allow you capture SERP real estate as they appear on Google search page results, thus your audience may find your Google Plus content through a standard Google search.
  3. Google Plus content stays around, gains page rank, gives page rank and appears in search results over a long period. It appears Google Plus posts can retain ranking indefinitely with some posts over a year old still top of search result pages. Compare this to the 14 minutes of life a standard tweet is estimated to have.
  4. Google Plus authorship provides you with a higher visual profile in search results.  By validating your Google Plus profile with sites where you publish, you will enable your image to appear next to the search results and attract greater visual attention on search pages. To manually claim authorship on a page you just use a rel=author tag linked to your Google Plus profile such as 'by Steve Rayson'.
  5. The use of Google authorship is closely tied to content authority. Google is keen to give a higher profile to authoritative content in search results. If an author posts interesting content which is shared and receives plus ones, this will potentially lead to higher authority. There is growing evidence that Google+ authorship improves your authority and search performance. Mark Traphagen argues that “over a broad sample of bloggers with G+ profiles, those who use Google authorship tend to average a full Page Rank higher than those who do not.”
  6. Google Plus authorship and the Google Plus social layer provides a wide range of social signals that may improve the social media optimisation (SMO) of your content and SEO. This is not as simple as the number of followers, people in your circles or number of Plus Ones. What appears to be far more important is the interaction between you and your content and others of a high authority. Thus if a high authority person shares your content this will improve your own authority.
  7. Social signals from platforms such as Google Plus will become more important in determining search results. Joshua Berg has called this the social media optimisation (SMO) of SEO. He has explained that “social signals provide a much better way of filtering out the noise and improving the quality of search results” and “this is a trend that will continue because it is a much better way of understanding what people really want, which is one of Google’s founding principles.”
  8. The featured link in a Google Plus post will pass page rank to the page to which it links. Note there is a no follow for links included in the body of a Google Plus post, you must use the featured link. If you connect a Google Plus page to your website this will increase the relevancy of your website content and support your search ranking
  9. Links from regular websites to Google Plus content can also pass page rank authority in the other direction back to your Google Plus posts and pages.
  10. Finally, the use of hashtags in Google Plus connects every post to a search on the platform.

You are simply losing out in terms of SEO if you are not using Google Plus effectively. Hopefully, the ten reasons outlined above will make you look again at Google Plus and reconsider your social media optimisation strategies for SEO.


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  • Mar 27 Posted 3 years ago TLeverenz

    I need assistance with Google+. I have established an account but my ad is being displayed too far away for anybody to be interested in. Is there a company that offers services that will asist with achieving a better page position. I have found lots of advice but I need a company that will do what is needed.

  • tobyjim's picture
    Nov 26 Posted 3 years ago tobyjim

    Thanks for sharing this great information, Steve. But i think that just creating profile and sharing content in Google + is not enough. Getting more +1 on your shared content is also important. Actually this is my personally experience. I shared lots of content but no +1s and i think, that why i am not getting maximum benefits of Google +. Check out my profile.

  • Nov 9 Posted 3 years ago academicedge

    nice suggestion i accepted for share great info,thanks

  • Oct 11 Posted 3 years ago Alex Thompson

    Google+ content rank remains consistent and stays around. It gives and gains page rank simultaneously over long periods of time which appears in search results over time as well. Because the content rank remains consistent, many Google+ posts retain ranking indefinitely—some posts over a year old still top search results depending on key phrase.

  • Steve Rayson's picture
    Jul 23 Posted 4 years ago Steve Rayson

    Hi everyone. Thanks for comments. To answer Sally-Ann's question there have been quite a few debates about how to post on G+ if you have a business page or participate in communities. Personally I try to choose the audience that is most likely to be interested in what I am posting. I will sometimes post to both my personal page and to a business page, however, if your audiences overlap they are likely to see this in their streams multiple times. Thus I tend to do this at different times. I have also changed my settings so that if I post to a community, which can be a good way to get more interested people to see your content, it does not appear on my business page or personal page. Otherwise again people may see it in their stream multiple times. The Google Plus Pro Tips G+ community is a good source of advice on issue such as this with lots of people happy to share tips.

  • Jul 20 Posted 4 years ago md wahid

    If you’ve never heard of SEO services before, then welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimization. SEO, is the practice of using a variety of techniques to improve a site’s ranking on search engine results pages. Sites like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN are driving an entirely new online marketing and business paradigm. Gone are the days of expensive advertising in the yellow pages, and telemarketing. Using SEO services can help bring in ton of qualified visitors who are actively searching for your product or service – right now! With prominent positions in the “organic” or natural search listings, Web Talent’s SEO services bring in more of the right prospects, at a lower cost than ever before. If you offer, “hot air balloon rides in Albuquerque, New Mexico”, SEO allows you to be on the first page of Google when people search for this phrase. Of course, attaining first page rankings for your keyword terms through SEO services takes some time, but the rewards can be outstanding.

  • Sally@Toddlers on Tour's picture
    Jul 18 Posted 4 years ago Sally@Toddlers ...

    I have a personal Google+ page and a business one for website/blog.

    I have added my website information on my personal page however when I write a new article I only post it onto my business Google+ page.

    Should I be posting it onto my personal page as well?

    Is there a difference in how Google looks at it?

  • Richard J. D'Angelo's picture
    Jul 17 Posted 4 years ago Richard J. D'Angelo

    This article is right on the money.

    My Story: I started a personal profile on Google Plus, and then a business page for my Morris County, NJ home improvement company and then a local listing page (formerly known as "Places"), and I did all this just a matter of months ago. I then ran into the issue of having two pages for my company and I didn't want to delete either one, as there are advantages to both. Low and behold, a mont or two later G+ automatically linked the two pages (as far as the Plus Ones go - a sign that G+ is constantly getting better and better).

    My Strategy: I try to keep my pulse on the G+ strategy/gameplan by following the right people and engaging in the right groups. I also post (via the "featured" link method - like the article says: links in the body are nofollow but links in the featured really are 'follow' links, and pass on the coveted "link juice". Hard to believe, right? I mean every other social network makes links nofollow. Not G+. Right click the link and 'inspect element' if you don't have a nofollow plugin - you'll see) links to my home improvement blog articles (all of which are "authorshipped" via the rel=author tag and show my face in search results, which increases click-thru rate, as the article says). I also post other pages of my business' website.

    My jump in the SERPs since then has been absolutely incredible, and there is NO other way to explain it except for my extensive involvement on G+: engaging with other members, the G+ community I formed, posts and photos, etc. The key is to interact with other members as much as possible: don't just "link dump": engage with people who comment on your posts, share links from relevant sites, comment on other members' posts, always engage with communities relevant to your industry, etc. You have to be active. These aren't original thoughts of mine: I learned all this from the G+ pro's. Follow people like Mark Traphagen and Mike Cutts and many others who really, really know what they are talking about - they will keep you up to speed. My business is 15 months, my G+ account/pages are roughly 6 months old, and I am already outranking my competitors in the SERPS for important queries, and I owe it all to about a half year of G+ activity.

    Conclusion: This is an absolutely excellent article: I will be sharing this on all my social networks. Thanks for getting the word out about Google Plus - everyone should know about it, and right now only the smart people are using it. Eventually, people will be signing up by the millions once they figure it out. I use other social networks merely as a formality now - Google Plus features the best parts of twitter and facebook and has included other features that make it that much better - it is head and shoulders above all the other social networks in my humble opinion. Yep, G+ has totally got me: hook line and sinker. Again, great article, everything you wrote is exactly correct, and thank you!

  • Neil Ferree's picture
    Jul 17 Posted 4 years ago Neil Ferree

    10 excellent G+ Tips Steve. The most relevant phrase in your post was...

    What appears to be far more important is the interaction between you and your content and others of a high authority. Thus if a high authority person shares your content this will improve your own authority.

    Put another way, its OK and good to post quality content to the G+ Stream, but unless you engage and interact with your Circles, good content alone won't produce the results most are looking for.

  • Jul 17 Posted 4 years ago mbBlogging

    This Google authorship thing where Google asks you to set up a Google+ account adn to put a photo which is shown in search engine results is the best proof of Google's idea to re-combine is search results and the social media.

    Replace Google Friend Connect with Google Plus widget is a new thing which Google personally suggested all the Blogger users.

  • Dimitris Andreas Chatzidakis's picture
    Jul 17 Posted 4 years ago Dimitris Andrea...

    Google plus seems to be the secret weapon..."secret" cause it is underestimated by most of the professionals or non professionals. Great article Steve!

  • Josiel's picture
    Jul 17 Posted 4 years ago Josiel

    I couldn't say less Steve, Google plus seems to have more authority than the likes of Facebook and is set to stay around for a while. I reckon its a good platform to employ especially when seeking Google recognition. Thanks for the post

    Check out my post here: How LinkedIn SEO Can Greatly Increase Your Business Visibility

  • drekaz21's picture
    Jul 17 Posted 4 years ago drekaz21

    Hi Steve,

    The arrival of Google Plus is meant to shape the overall concept of SEO into SMO ( Social media optimisation). The big G is giving more weight to articles, posts and webpages that are shared on its social media platfrom much more SERP rankings.

    I once read on Search engine land, where an article was published on how an article rank very well on the Google plus page of the writer, much more than its original version on the authors blog.

    Ok, prove this: I recently opened a Google Plus account with my name and discovered that whenever I search for  my name on Google, the search result from the Google plus appears first, much more than the ones from my website, twitter or even Facebook; this clearly tells me one thing: Favourism...Google is simply shaping its social media as a search engine optimiser.

    Similar issues were raised on my website and I just have to conclude that for anyone to get more traffic from  Google, you just have to open an active presence on their social media platform.

    Check out my recent post on this: Top strategies to get traffic from usa, uk and canada

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