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15 Benefits of Having a Fan Page Over a Personal Page on Facebook

Fan Page vs Profile PageThere isn't anything worse than checking a website and clicking their Facebook link to find that they've redirected you to a personal page. Not only do you have to hope they accept you as a "friend," you're taken through one more step to see their content and find their real Fan Page. I hate this! Here are the top 15 reasons to have a Fan Page, and not a personal page, attached to your business.

15 Benefits Of Having A Fan Page On Facebook Book

1. Unlimited Friend Count

While the amount of friends you have on your personal profile page is limited and capped at 5,000, your Fan Page can have an infinite number of fans. This is probably one of the most important reasons that you should be using a Fan Page and not your personal page. Why would you ever want to limit the amount of fans your brand can have?

2. You Have The Option To Keep Your Personal Life Private(-ish)

In creating a Fan Page you are, essentially, keeping your personal page separate and not connected to it. For those who want to keep Facebook for friends and family, this is an important feature. It's vital. You can control the privacy settings on your personal page and optimize publicity for your Fan Page. It can become incredibly annoying to your friends and family who are constantly seeing business updates from you. This option is a great way around it.

3. Search Engine Results

Facebook Fan Pages are indexed, which means that some of the public content is indexed as well. As a business, you want to show up on the search engines. Of course, you want to direct traffic to your website first, but having a social presence is very important.

4. Tagging Your Brand

Your fans and other Fan Pages can tag your Fan Page. Only your friends can tag your personal page. As you want to show up on as many newsfeeds as possible, you definitely want the option to be Tagged in photos and posts by others. This increases your engagement, not to mention your fan base.

5. Facebook Insights

Facebook Fan Pages have great analytics. You can tack the amount of views a post receives and monitor your weekly reach all within the Facebook Insights. To be a smart marketer means knowing how to maximize each post and learning which posts work best for your brand. This is the insight you need to deliver the right content to your fans.

6. Facebook Tabs

Facebook tabs are only allowed on Fan Pages. Enough said?

7. Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are often seen in tabs. You can't host a successful contest on your personal page because the software and third party apps are just not there. Contests build engagement and engagement is your friend.

8. Profiles Look Like You Don't Know What's Going On

Plain and simple. A brand that directs to a personal page just looks amateur. You only get one first impression. You don't want it to be this one.

9. Advertising

Facebook advertising, while expensive, is very targeted. Advertising to a Fan Page is more effective than an outside landing page because Facebook wants to keep the traffic within the network. You can promote your Fan Page through ads, but not your personal page.

10. Admin Connections

By granting select people access to your Fan Page, you avoid giving out your password to multiple people. You can chose what rights they get to finagle with and what they can do within your Fan Page. This also allows for a pretty nice checks and balances system for your brand.

11. Check-Ins & Location Services

You can allow people to check into your brand through your Facebook Fan Page. You can't do anything like this on your personal page. If you have a location for your business, this is crucial for social proofing and newsfeed marketing. You always want to get people to interact with your brand. They can do so by checking in.

12. Promoted Posts

Okay, you can promote your posts now on your personal page, but they aren't as strong. Your personal page is often less targeted than your Fan Page. In being able to promote certain posts you are able to garner more exposure for whatever it is you're trying to push. You'll also have analytic access to this promoted post. If you promote posts like I do, you'll notice a definite leap in Likes.

13. Showcase The Other Pages You Like

Fan Pages give you the option to like pages and showcase them on your page. These should be brands that you have relationships with or brands that have a similar following. See tip #15 for more on this.

14. Newsfeed Marketing

Newsfeed marketing is the basis of social media marketing. By having a regularly updated Fan Page, you'll be seen and noticed on the newsfeeds of your fans. When they interact with your posts and brand, you'll show up on their friends' newsfeeds. This is your key to gaining new fans.

15. Comment As Your Brand

This is great branding. As long as you Like pages officially to your Fan Page, you can comment on their content and posts as well. In doing so, you're increasing exposure for your brand and providing valuable (read: priceless) insight and conversations with a new audience.

Do you use your personal page for business?  What other benefits are there in using a fan page instead of a personal page?

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  • Jan 28 Posted 3 years ago Chattahoochee C...

    I hear you, and I agree with you...IF fan page actions were not so ridiculously limited.  I am trying to use a fan page for a stage name.  1) I'm finding that people who ask if I have a page have to type in the ENTIRE name to find it, whereas if they start typing my last name on my profile -boom -there I am in about 4 letters!  2) There are groups I can join to find out about booking opportunities. I can not join as a fan page personality. I have to join as my real name and I've already found that schedulers are saying, "Who?" I remind them of my stage name and they say, "Oh yeah! Great!"  3) I can not invite people to like my fan page unless they are my personal profile friends.  So someone I may meet at a show and have nothing in common with, other than we want to keep up with each other as performers now has to be my PERSONAL friend before *I* can put them on my fan page. Or I can PM them with a link to it - either way, it's not happening on the cell app. Has to happen on a desktop. 4) A non-friend photographer took pictures of a show - this is "mature content"- and he or fellow performers tagged my personal profile.  So I have child actor friends, family members, etc who can now see this (I changed my privacy settings to approve all tags.)  I PM'd and asked him to tag my fan page.  He can't. Neither can I. 

    So I disagree with the preservation of privacy. I find that I am FORCED to use my personal profile/real name to do a lot of business that should be done in my stage name brand from my fan page.  FOR the preservation fo my privacy, I am about to change over to a profile for the stage name.  So frustrated. 

  • Sep 11 Posted 3 years ago krisonfitness

    I would love to do this! The way FB has you sign up your fan page, you have to use your personal account. If there is another way, I would love to know about it. Right now the only way anyone can "like" my page is if they are friends and that's not how I wanted to do it. I don't know how to do it otherwise. Any assistance would be helpful. Great tips on this!

  • Sep 5 Posted 3 years ago Tandrae

    Is there anywayI can transfer all the business Facebook friends page to my business fan page?

  • DavinaKBrewer's picture
    May 8 Posted 4 years ago DavinaKBrewer

    For a company, a brand w/ some size and scale, your reasons make sense Stephanie. Use FB to market a business, the brand w/ all the benefits you mention here -- then run it w/ a 'human' personality behind it. Like on Twitter, not hide behind the logo as people want to connect w/ people, not sales bots. But when it's a person, promoting their own business, themselves as a professional? Not quite so cut and dry.

    Some consultants have built large followings, so a fan page makes sense. Some have separate pages for work, individual and work the balance. Others use a personal page and 'friend' everyone, maybe try to use the FB lists to manage their posts like you said, so the personal connections don't get overwhelmed w/ the business shares and vice versa. Some just turn on subscriptions to manage friends from followers. That mileage is gonna vary depending on what want from FB and the audience, community they work to build on that network.

    Per #2, I attempt to keep FB as a more 'personal' space so - for now - I've opted not to use it for my professional promotion, my biz. Since lists only apply to status updates, not other activity like shares, comments (major fail IMO) I don't see any other option; not gonna bore F&F w/ my latest blog post nor scare off business prospects w/ an off-color comment ranting on what happened on Game of Thrones or some other 'personal' activity. I've got some professional 'friends' of course, but for me, better to keep it separate. FWIW. 

  • StephanieFrasco's picture
    May 8 Posted 4 years ago StephanieFrasco

    I agree that you should invite your friends and family to become a fan of your personal page.  There are a lot of people on your friends that might not be interested and that's ok. Your friends and family will be the first to "like" your fan page and that will help you increase your likes on your fan page.  Hope that helps. 

  • JC Giraldo's picture
    May 8 Posted 4 years ago JC Giraldo


    Good Post Stephanie!

    I like #14

    About number 2,when you said : " It can become incredibly annoying to your friends and family who are constantly seeing business updates from you" , a Menthor that I have Sarah Santacroce,from Switzerland, she told me a day: "JC on Facebook always you should start with friends and family member if you are beginer,and keeping with them"

    Are you agree??

    I Shared your post on Twitter & FB Page !

    Have Good Day :)


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