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15 Sweepstakes Sites To Boost Your Online Contest Entries

ImageOnline contests and sweepstakes are a simple and effective way for your small business to increase brand visibility while introducing new users to your products and services. Facebook is undoubtedly the most common social media platform to run contests, but your company can also run successful giveaways on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and of course, your blog.

Here at DigitalSherpa, we often run online campaigns and contests for our small business clientele and know a thing or two about ensuring their success. One insider secret to increasing their popularity is posting the contest or giveaway on high trafficked sweepstakes websites. My coworkers Emily Baggett and Ashley Nix were gracious enough to share with me their top picks for just such websites, so I thought I’d return the favor and share them with our readers.

One quick note: these sweepstakes sites work great for brands with a national, broad target audience. They are a certainly an effective way to quickly gain numerous entries to general contests, but if you have a very local and audience specific company, these websites make not be the best use of your time.

With that being said, here are 15 awesome sweepstakes websites you can submit your contest on to greatly enhance your the number of your contest entries and overall online presence!

1. Contest Bee

2. Sweepstakes Lovers

3. Contest Girl

4. Sweeps U

5. Sweepstakes Bug

6. Infinite sweeps

7. Double Prizes

8. Sweetie Sweeps

9. Sweepstakes Crazy

10. Secret Sweetie Sweeps

11. HyperSweep

12. Contest Alley 

13. Sandys Realm

14. Contests For Mom

15. Win Prizes Online 

A successful online contest is a great way to achieve your small businesses goals in social media. One successful online sweepstakes can give you the same ROI as numerous pieces of content, which will save your brand time in the long run. We know time-saving is invaluable for small business owners, so please take advantage of this list during your next online contest! And if you aren’t sure what type of online giveaway to run, no worries, our article on What Type Of Contest Is Best For My Business is perfect for you!

Do you have any great tips or tricks for a more successful online sweepstakes? Please share them in the comment box below!

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  • Jan 15 Posted 3 years ago Vivek Guleri

    Gambling Hmm. Don't you think online contests & sweepstakes are a gimmick to please customers, rather than educating them about your product or services-Today's marketing trend/content marketing. In today's world where people are so much active through various social medias, its not better to have a plan/strategy/engaging-content, ready to entice them. Its easy to lure people through attractive offers but I want to know if it can build an image of a good brand/service in people's mind. Aren't you indirectly telling them, look I gave you something now its your turn to return back.

    Correct me if I am going wrong.

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