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18 Ways to Use Social Media for Events [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter wallSocial media is a valuable weapon in any event organizer’s arsenal. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, concert, sporting event, fundraiser or club, social should be at the heart of how the event is organized and promoted and it can play a vital role in encouraging engagement on the day itself and maintaining buzz long after it has finished.

 A new infographic from Eventility, an online platform for event organizers, highlights 18 incredibly easy ways to do this.

Organizing an event

1. Collaborate with other event organizers
2. Collect RSVP’s online
3. Involve potential attendees in the organization process
4. Find suppliers using online reviews

Promoting an event

5. Create event listings on social networks
6. Integrate social media with registration
7. Use a hashtag
8. Create promotional videos

Encouraging engagement

9. Offer prizes to the most engaged attendees
10. Live-stream the event to reach a global audience
11. Display Twitter walls
12. Encourage attendees to check-in at different locations
13. Provide customer support

Extending the lifetime value

14. Upload the highlights to YouTube
15. Share presentations and write blog posts
16. Collect photos and showcase your work on Pinterest
17. Monitor the buzz and use it to collect feedback
18. Keep your online community engaged all year round

By utilizing these simple tips, event organizers can make their events far more discoverable, reach a far greater audience, enhance the attendee experience and improve customer loyalty.

4 ways to use social media to boost events

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  • Nov 11 Posted 3 years ago Rachael Pesch

    This infographic is stuffed with great information. As a student, it is very interesting for me to read up on the latest trends in social media that companies are utilizing. Even at my university, social media is used for organization events, class groups, promotional activities, etc. Thanks for sharing these great statistics!

  • Chris Dessi's picture
    Oct 23 Posted 3 years ago Chris Dessi

    Very useful, indeed. My company produces the Westchester Digital Summit. We should collaborate. 

  • Jeremy Taylor's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago Jeremy Taylor

    Thanks Chris, much appreciated.

    My company actually hosts social media conferences so it's something we're well accustomed to. On top of that, Eventility (the company I designed the infographic with) help local clubs and sports teams organise and promote events, so between us we had a few different angles covered.

    Hopefully it's been useful to a few people.

  • Chris Dessi's picture
    Oct 22 Posted 3 years ago Chris Dessi

    I love this list. Well thought out.  We've followed a similar roadmap with our event. You can tell you either have done this, or have really thought about it in detail for someone else.  Thank you

  • Apr 25 Posted 4 years ago timsaekoo

    Fantastic advice Jeremy! I thought I'd leave a comment and blog post I wrote about how our company Tint helps brands aggregate and display any social media feeds onto big projected displays at events.

    Check out the case study I wrote here on how and why brands do so today: http://www.tintup.com/blog/how-to-effectively-use-social-media-for-events/

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