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20 Game-Changing Twitter Chats


Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat? If yes, then you already know how valuable they are. If you haven’t, then hopefully this post can provide some insights into what they offer and why you should get involved with one.

Twitter chats are one of the most underutilized, untapped resources in social media. This year saw the creation of some fantastic new chats and huge growth in others. As their popularity continues to grow, so does the value they offer to participants. Before we start talking individual chats, let's step back and discuss a few of the awesome benefits of joining a twitter chat.

Increase Your Network

If nothing else, twitter chats are a killer way of meeting fantastic new people. Fantastic new people who share similar interests to yourself. Fantastic new people who love nothing more than to chat about being an English teacher in Asia (yes, there’s a chat for that #AsiaELT). If 2011 was the year chats took flight, 2012 will be the year individuals and businesses begin leveraging chats for sales leads and increasing conversions.

Establishing Brand Expertise

There has been A LOT of talk about personal branding over the past few years. A great way to springboard your personal brand and begin establishing yourself as a leader in your industry is by participating in twitter chats. Sharing all of your industry expertise during these chats builds brand equity and credibility. Stick with these chats for a few months and you might find yourself speaking at your industriesnext big expo.

Now that we’ve qualified a few of the benefits of twitter chats its time to get involved. Each chat has its own personality and core group of participants. I’d suggest spending a week trying a new chat each day. Think of it like buying a new car. There are going to be chats similar in theme and topic so take the time to see which feels best to you. Here are 20 chats full of value and great people.


1. Us Guys Chat - 3:00pm ET - #usguyschat - If you’re active in the social media space on twitter I have no doubt you’ve already engaged with someone in the Us Guys community. The chat is only a small part of this vibrant group. I’ve made a handful of really special friendships with the Us Guys crew.

2. Marketer Monday Chat - 8:00pm ET - #mmchat - Talented group of marketing minds. Chat typically has a featured guest.

3. Money Chat - 8:00pm ET - #moneychat - Awesome place to get financial advice. Have a question about paying off debt or which investment platform to use, check this chat out.

4. Speaker Chat - 9:00pm ET - #speakchat - Discuss everything from learning principals to creating awesome PowerPoint presentations.

5. Social Chat - 9:00pm ET - #socialchat - One of the featured social media chats. Great way to start the week off.


6. Influence Chat - 12:00pm ET - #influencechat - One of my personal favorites. This chat is Moderated by Alan Berkson and Fred McClimans (two of the smartest guys I know). Everything from disruptive technology to klout’s algorithm are discussed.

7. Leadership Chat - 8:00pm ET - #leadershipchat - Like the name suggests, this chat touches on leadership tips, tricks, best practices and so much more.

8. Small Business Chat - 8:00pm ET - #smbiz - This hashtag is used for both the small business chat on Tuesday nights and a very popular reference to all things small business.

9. LinkedIn Chat - 8:00pm ET - #linkedinchat - If you want to learn how to really leverage LinkedIn and grow your business spend an hour in this chat. You’ll learn tons of “secret” features.

10. Get Real Chat - 9:00pm ET - #getrealchat - One of the most popular chats on twitter. Led by the amazing Pam Moore, this chat attracts the likes of fortune 500 companies to participate. Word on the street is Walgreens will be the featured guest this coming week.

11. Customer Service Chat - 9:00pm ET - #custserv - Similar to the small business hashtag above, the customer service hashtag serves for both the chat and customer service mentions on twitter. You can find fantastic case studies of social media used for customer service.

12. Social Media Manners - 10:00pm ET - #smmanners - Another great chat around social media best practices, social good and the latest trends in social media.


13. Klout Chat - 11:00am ET - #kloutchat (only first Wednesday of every month) - Looking to learn more about social influence and Klout’s ever-changing business model, check this chat out.

14. Small Business Chat - 8:00pm ET - #smallbizchat - Another featured small business chat with a strong community.

15. Business Chat - 8:00pm ET - #bizchat - A good resource for finding quality business articles. The chat has had some cool featured guests in the past.


16. Harvard Business Review Chat - 1:00pm ET - #HBRChat - This chat is hosted by the editors of the HBR Magazine. Chats typically center around recent articles published on the website. Some very smart people run in this circle.

17. Empire Avenue Chat - 7:00pm ET - #eavchat - This chat was originally started by the founders of the stock exchange style social network. It has evolved into mainstream discussions around social media, influence, and more.

18. Business to Business Chat - 8:00pm ET - #b2bchat - Chat covers how social media can best be used in the business to business sector. You will find very informative and helpful posts shared by the members of this chat.


19. Pinterest Chat - 10:00pm ET - #pinchat - Pinterest, so hot right now. Pinterest.


20. Blog Chat - 9:00pm ET - #blogchat - Cream of the crop. Week over week the most popular Twitter chat. Started and moderated by Mack Collier, the chat covers all the things you and your business need in order to create a successful blog. The last Sunday of every month is “open mic night,” where the community picks that weeks topic.


Things tend to move pretty quickly during a twitter chat and it’s easy to miss handfuls of comments at a time. Tweetchat is a very cool tool that allows you to see all updates in real-time. It also “smart-pauses” while you scroll down the stream, insuring you don’t miss anything.

The above list was just meant to be a starting point. To find more chats check out this awesome, crowdsourced google spreadsheet filled with hundreds of chats.

Let me know if I missed a popular chat or which twitter chats you’re finding beneficial in the comments.

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  • Feb 5 Posted 5 years ago petertrapasso

    Two more "must attend" weekly chats on Wednesdays:


    1.  #GenYChat 6pm pacific time on Wednesday:

    Reminder: Join us for this week's #GenYchat at 6pm pacific hosted by @GenYChat #GenYchat


    2.  #Toolschat at 7pm pacific time on Wednesday:

    Reminder: Join us for this week's #toolschat at 7pm pacific #toolschat





  • Jan 24 Posted 5 years ago swanwick

    Thanks so much for mentioning the twitter chat schedule google doc.  A short code that people can use is @twchat.  I would love to find a better way to manage all that chat information.  If people have ideas, please let me know.

    Thinking I will use http://twebevent.com to post all the chats.  Just need to add a few upgrades for things like auto-tweeting and re-curring events.

    Long live Twitter Chats!

    Swan  aka @twchat

  • Dec 29 Posted 5 years ago TheOnlineMom

     hi Kevin, this is a great list -I do attend many of these myself! Wanted to invite you to check out our weekly chat too on Wednesday's from 9 - 10 pm ET #theonlinemom - we learn and share information on technology, parenting and trends to help guide kids into a safe and exciting digital future. :-)

    Here's to a very prosperous New Year to you!

    Monica Vila

  • Dec 29 Posted 5 years ago blogdangerously I can't believe you missed #wineparty! Especially with only one other chat on Fridays, #wineparty (9-11pm eastern) is a GREAT way for people whose real lives keep them from being social outside their home to meet each other online.
  • Kevin Fawley's picture
    Dec 28 Posted 5 years ago Kevin Fawley

    Hey Davina,


      I've heard good things about SoloPR Chat but have never participated in one myself. Will make it a priority to check one out in Jan.


      Thanks so much.



  • Kevin Fawley's picture
    Dec 28 Posted 5 years ago Kevin Fawley

    No problem! Pintrest is on fire right now and I figured a ton of people could really get some value out of your chat. Expecting big things from you guys in 2012!


    Thanks again.



  • Kevin Fawley's picture
    Dec 28 Posted 5 years ago Kevin Fawley

    Hey Natasha,


      Thanks for sharing. I'll def make sure to check out CXO chat on the 9th. Sounds awesome and thanks for the resources to previous chats. 

       Let me know what you think of UsGuys Chat and HBR Chat after you participate in them. 


      Happy New Year!



  • DavinaKBrewer's picture
    Dec 28 Posted 5 years ago DavinaKBrewer

    Another good chat, esp. for marketers, PR, even SMB types, is the Wed. #soloPR chat. Lots of good advice from independent PR, social media, marketing communicators. FWIW.

  • tribe2point0's picture
    Dec 22 Posted 5 years ago tribe2point0

    Wow Kevin, what a surprise!  Thank you so much for mentioning #Pinchat. It has just started and we are so passionate about Pinning and have an amazing little group. We are looking forward to kicking off the New Year with guests and Pin-ups.

    Thanks again!

    Kelly Lieberman @tribe2point0

    Carrie Newhouse @carrie_newhouse

  • Dec 21 Posted 5 years ago DavidALee

    I wonder if when you update this next year any brands will make the list!

  • Kevin Fawley's picture
    Dec 21 Posted 5 years ago Kevin Fawley

    Thanks for the comment, Dave. I'll have to checkout #HFchat and #jobhuntchat for sure. It could have very easily been a list of 30!





  • Kevin Fawley's picture
    Dec 20 Posted 5 years ago Kevin Fawley

    Hey Michelle,


      You're very welcome. It's a really great chat. Eric was a great guest speaker during last night's #socialchat. Looking forward to big things from you and Alan in 2012. Have a great holiday, Michelle! 





  • Dec 20 Posted 5 years ago Natasha_D_G

    You must peek in on #CXO chats on Mondays at noon EST. The last chat of the year was yesterday but they resume on January 9th. http://vivisimo.com/news/vivisimo-events.html

    Great topics, great guests and great content. A great place to learn and collaborate on all things about customer experience.  Here are past chats: http://on.fb.me/pS7YKA


    Thanks for sharing this list! I try to get in on USGuysChat and HBRChat when I can!

  • Dec 19 Posted 5 years ago DavidALee

    Kevin, I'm a big fan and participant of many you list.  I'd add #HFchat and #JobHuntChat which both help job seekers connect with recruiters.  Might need to make it a list of 30! ;-)

  • Dec 19 Posted 5 years ago SocialMichelleR


    Thank you so much for mentioning #SocialChat.  Alan K'necht and I are so thrilled with how many excellent and influential Tweeps we have been able to connect with this year.  We are looking forward to much more in the coming months.  Tonight is our last chat for this year.  We are going to take a little holiday break.  Please join us and our special guest, Eric Swayne, tonight at 9:00 PM EST. http://twebevent.com/SocialChat

  • Kevin Fawley's picture
    Dec 19 Posted 5 years ago Kevin Fawley

    #SMChat was actually on the list but I wanted to talk about some different topics too (besides social). Only reason I left it off. Thanks for adding it tho! And you're welcome, glad you enjoyed it. 





  • Kevin Fawley's picture
    Dec 19 Posted 5 years ago Kevin Fawley



       You're right, Community Manager chat should have been on the list. Slipped my mind while writing the post.  Glad that you said something about it! Keep growing the community!





  • Your Social Move's picture
    Dec 19 Posted 5 years ago Your Social Move

    #SMChat (Wednesday 1:00 pm ET) is worth checking out.

    Thanks for the great resource.

    -Your Social Move Team

  • JPedde's picture
    Dec 19 Posted 5 years ago JPedde

    As a moderator of #Cmgrchat on Wednesdays at 2pm EST  (http://thecommunitymanager.com/chat) - slightly disappointed that it's not on this list.  Generally between 900-1200 tweets every week with roughly 70-100 people participating who all work in community management for some of the best start ups and biggest brands -- I'd say it's a pretty great place :)    I am a little bias though... 

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