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2015 Social Media Map: Updated Guide with Live Links

The world of social media can be a vast and overwhelming place. To help you find your way, Overdrive Interactive has updated their popular Social Media Map which provides a comprehensive index to all things social media.

The downloadable “map” includes everything from social media networks to social media listening tools to link shorteners and social commerce. It even has categories for social music networks and social gaming sites. If it falls under “social media,” chances are you will find it here.

For the experienced social media user the map provides a quick cheat sheet filled with bookmarks to a wealth of tools and information. For those new to social media, it offers an opportunity to explore a number of new platforms, tools and audiences.

Content Marketing Takaway
The Social Media Map and landing page is a great example of good content marketing. In order to access the full Social Media Map with live links, Overdrive asks for some basic contact information. Since Overdrive provides social media marketing services, with the download they have already started the process of creating a warm lead. At the bottom of the page they also provide a number of related content offers allowing them to further segment their leads and guide visitors through the sales funnel.

In no way however does the landing page come across as a sales pitch of any sort. Instead they are providing information of true value to their target audience. Those who can use a tool like this won’t hesitate to give them their contact information in exchange for the map (at least I didn’t). They also make the map readily available for others to share both with social sharing buttons and dedicated graphics to help bloggers and others share the map on their own websites.

They only thing I’d like to see Overdrive do differently is provide an actual embed code for the graphic making it even easier to share on websites and blogs.

Find the tools your audience needs and provide them!

You can view the map below or download the full Social Media Map with live links by clicking here.

social media map

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