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27 Marketing Tips from Top Enterprise Social Media Pros

New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer granted me early access to his latest ebook called, Social Pros All-Stars: Career Paths & Tips from 27 Big Company Social Media Professionals. The ebook explores the professional lives of 27 social media marketing professionals at some of the most recognizable brands in the U.S. It does so with a Major League Baseball twist – displaying career stats like baseball cards do.

Below is a list of 27 social media and marketing tips that Jay plucked from his interviews with the below enterprise digital marketers. Tips from these folks are exceptionally valuable because, most of the time, they’re able to execute and test campaigns with the resources the rest of us could only wish for. As a result, there’s a lot to learn from their wins and losses.

Social Pros Podcast1. Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media, Ford Motor Company

“Get the notion out of your head that social media doesn’t matter because you’re B2B. There’s people behind each of those businesses.”

Podcast interview

2. Frank Eliason, Director of Global Social Media, Citi

“Recognize social media is a community; try to be a part of it, not the center of it. Key is listen, listen, listen.”

Podcast interview

3. James Royer, Director of Digital and Social Media, Tampa Bay Lightning

“Earn the right to market to your fans, first by creating compelling and consistent content and then through engagement. This creates commerce.”

Podcast interview

4. Jodi Gersh, Director, Social Media and Engagement, Gannett

“Do not think of social media as the savior for your business. It is not a magic bullet. It is, however, the absolute best way to talk to people. And, more importantly, listen to people.”

Podcast interview

5. Lauren Teague, Social Media Manager, PGA Tour

“Having a Twitter account today is like having a Web page 10 years ago.”

Podcast interview

6. Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Director, Social Media Planning and Integration, Hilton Worldwide

"Ignorance is not bliss. Know your business in and out, top to bottom. Investigate pain points and never stop asking 'why?'"

Podcast interview

7. Katie Morse, Social Marketing Manager, Billboard

"Think strategically and act with purpose. Ask 'what does this do for my business?'"

Podcast interview

8. Joe Stupp, Social Media Manager, Chipotle

“Don’t pick and choose. Talk to everybody.”

Podcast interview

9. Katie Richman, Director of Social Media Strategy and Social Products, ESPNW & X Games

"Get to the heart of WHY people are sharing, regardless of the social platform you’re on. The mediums may change, but I don’t think people change all that much."

Podcast interview

10. Rick Wion, Director of Social Media, McDonald’s

“Conventional wisdom will get you nothing but lackluster results. To truly succeed you need to learn as much as you can and then somehow figure out what to always remember and also quickly forget.”

Podcast interview

11. Callan Green, Senior Social Media Specialist, Sony Electronics

“Social is a combination of science and art. Rely on analytics to dictate your strategy, but know that there are times where you should go with your gut and try something even if there are no numbers to support it.”

Podcast interview

12. Sonny Gill, Social Business and Marketing Leader, US Cellular

"Be ready to evolve. The industry does so at a rapid pace and you have to be willing to do the same to continue to build your knowledge and skillset."

Podcast interview

13. Jessica Gioglio, Social Media Manager, Dunkin’ Brands

"Celebrate your fans through social media – their passion, loyalty and insights are what keep you running!"

Podcast interview


14. Michele Martinez Wingate, Social Media Manager, American Family Insurance

“Develop a strong, organic / owned voice in each social channel before supporting it with paid.”

Podcast interview

15. Dave Morse, Digital Marketing Strategist, Delta Faucet Company

"Your opinion, while interesting, is irrelevant. Always start initiatives with your end-user in mind (not your competition, partners, shareholders, your boss, etc.)."

Podcast interview

16. Charlie Kautz, Global Marketing / Special Projects, TaylorMade-adidas Golf

"Nothing will guide you to a story worth sharing like your five senses. Use them, always."

Podcast interview

17. Justin Gardner, Social Media Manager, AMC Theatres

"Know your customers and what content they want from you. Hint, it’s not an ad."

Podcast interview

18. Brad Walters, Director of Social Media and Emerging Platforms, Lowe’s Home Improvement

“E-cubed: Explore, Educate, Experiment with social channels. Also, understand your customer, what makes them tick and then deliver valuable/relevant content to them. They will reward you with loyalty, brand advocacy and purchase in return."

Podcast interview

19. Tony Clark, Director of Communications, Cedar Point Amusement Park

"Never underestimate the power of your fans. They’re your biggest advocates, but also your strongest critics. Speak to them regularly—but more importantly, listen."

Podcast interview

Social Pros Favorite Networks20. Bryan Srabian, Director of Digital Media, San Francisco Giants

"Always think of your fans first; your fans are your brand. If your content helps put them in the front row, then you’re doing your job. Use the 3 Es to Guide you: Educate, Enlighten or Entertain. You must do at least one all of the time."

Podcast interview

21. Jennifer Beechen, Director of Consumer Engagement, the WhiteWave Foods Company

"Be scrappy, test and fail small."

Podcast interview

22. Paul Haskell, Social Commerce and Emerging Media Manager, Omaha Steaks

“Keep things simple. You can’t be all things to all people, but you can have a real impact where it matters if you stay true to your brand.”

Podcast interview

23. Jason Miller, Social Content Manager at Beam Global, Jim Beam

"You cannot be vain in this biz. It’s not about what you like. It’s about your fans. And the best ideas transcend tactics."

Podcast interview

24. Kevin Hunt, Corporate Social Media Manager, General Mills

"There’s an opportunity to create content with every person you meet or event you attend. Interview someone via video/audio. Write. Publish. Repeat."

Podcast interview

25. Lauren Salazar, Director, Social Media, Weight Watchers International

"Be passionate about trying new things, but strategic in choosing them. A field like social can make bright shiny objects look very tempting."

Podcast interview

26. Adrian Parker, Vice President, Digital Marketing, the Patrón Spirits Company

"When you give smart people permission to fail, you also equip them with the tools to succeed. Social leaders build stages where everyone can have rockstar results."

Podcast interview

27. Amrita Sahasrabudhe, Director of Marketing, Aramark Parks and Destinations

"Take a risk! Test, test, and test again ‘cause what worked today may not work tomorrow, but what didn’t work yesterday may work again in the future."

Podcast interview

It’s also interesting to note their favorite social networks, with Twitter and Instagram taking the lion’s share of picks. Considering the above represents 27 enterprise B2C brands, it’s surprising that Facebook wasn’t chosen more frequently. Just in time for the opening day of baseball season, Jay Baer has delivered actionable advice from top professionals in the field. Do with it as you see fit, and may your digital marketing be better for it.

For weekly social media and marketing tips from top digital marketing professionals, you can subscribe to Jay Baer’s Social Pros podcast here

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    Social networking sites spread information faster than any other media"Crowdsourcing" and "crowdfunding" on social media allows people to collectively accomplish a goal.

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