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3 Reasons to Run Cross-Network Hashtag Campaigns

The holidays are still weeks away, but you already know what you want this year: a social campaign that takes brand buzz to a full roar.

For a huge impact, think hashtags. Because hashtags are a common feature across all social networks, you can use them to unify cross-network promotions. And campaigns that prompt participation from multiple networks rack up shares and submissions.

Here are three reasons why you’ll want to run cross-network hashtag campaigns this season.

1) You’ll grow your entire social presence  

Marketers often take a network-by-network approach for campaigns, focusing on singular goals like Twitter engagement or Facebook fan growth. Multi-network campaigns improve performance across the board.  For example, you can fan-gate a photo contest to get more Facebook fans, while allowing fans to submit entries via a hashtag on Twitter — driving success in both channels.

There’s also a “cross-pollination” effect. You’ll drive your Twitter devotees to interact with you on Facebook, and vice versa. You’ll grow an audience of consumers who already love your brand, making them more likely to spread your content to their friends and followers.


Ashley Stewart’s cross-network hashtag campaign drove more than 15,000 shares.


2) You’ll make participation easy.

Multi-network contests give fans options, so they can opt to engage with you in the ways they prefer. Give them multiple ways to enter, and see participation spike. And networks like Twitter and Instagram were built with mobile in mind. They make it easy for your entrants to snap pictures or write Tweets while they’re on the go. You’ll get more entries and amplify the reach of your contest.

For example, take the City of New York’s #LoveNYC campaign. For their annual photo contest, they used Offerpop to accept entries via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their campaign received more than 10,000 entries.

City of New York LoveNYC Photo Contest


3) You’ll make an impact beyond social

Running a cross-network photo contest? All those entries have value beyond the campaign. Use them to create engaging news feed posts, update your website creative — even on billboards or in your stores!


Use hashtag campaigns to drive consumers down the purchase funnel. Offer up a coupon code to everyone who participates. Or ask entrants to offer up valuable info, like email addresses, and target them with relevant offers and promotions. With this approach, you can derive and measure value from your efforts across all social networks.

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