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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

As you may of heard, on April 14th LinkedIn’s products and services feature will be going away on Company Pages.  Instead, they’re encouraging you to create Showcase Pages, which they started rolling out a few months ago. Showcase Pages are great for big companies, but not so much for the little guy. In fact, I found it a bit disappointing that LinkedIn doesn’t have a solution for the small business owner.

Showcase Pages are great for big brands that have multiple business units or distinct product offerings where they have segmented audiences who would only have an interest in hearing news about one type of product offering. For example, Microsoft has Showcase Pages set up for SharePoint and for Small Business Owners. However, if you are a small to mid-sized business or a nonprofit, then you don’t want to set up Showcase Pages and here’s why:

  1. Showcase Pages are similar to Company Pages in that you need to build a following from scratch. (Yes, you will start out with zero followers).
  2. Showcase Pages, as designed,  are separate from Company Pages so you’ll have to do distinct updates to both, which means double the time investment on LinkedIn. The idea is that you’d build a community and relationships with people following that particular business unit or product. But, if you have over 100 people you can target, then why wouldn’t you just use the targeting feature on your Company Page?
  3. Showcase Pages have distinct URLs and are not connected to your main Company page, so you’ll be forced to add two LinkedIn logos/links to your website. But if you’re big enough to have a Showcase Page, then chance are you probably already have multiple websites or sub-domains.

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you that as a small to mid-sized business that you should not be creating Showcase Pages,  and you still want to check it out, then here’s how you create one. However, NOTE:  if you create one and change your mind, you’ll need to contact LinkedIn to delete it. They will delete it but it’s not instantaneous.

Showcase Pages

The concept of Showcase Pages is a good idea, but the execution of this feature enhancement seems to not have been fully thought through. What would have been better is community tabs within Company Pages.

Tracy Sestili is the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field - Social Media Fundamentals for Business, available on Amazon.

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  • Brad Attig's picture
    Sep 14 Posted 2 years ago Brad Attig

    I have to say that this article misses a key point. Customers/clients want access to content and information that is relevent to them. Sure, your company page provides a nice overview but the strategic use of Showcase pages allows you to segment your content in ways that focuses on specific groups. Ths is not a new strategy, the word segmentation has been around for a while and Google has been pushing it through SEO enhancements and with Google+ circles...

    Showcase pages are clealy visible on the LI Company page in the sidebar as Dara pointed out. For a small busienss that may serve even just 2 different areas, Showcase pages are a no brainer. Take a small real estate office that does both residential and commercial for instance. Most likely that office would have at least one agent and one broker. Two Showcase pages, highlighting each area and person seems great to me.

    Krish, I see what you mean about getting back to the company LI. I'm not sure that is bad. The company website is prominent and I would hope a new lead would find the company LI page, say wow, here is a page all about the topic I am interested in and then after digesting that, come to the company website, the ultimate goal for most businesses.

    Taking that to the next step, that link could take the viewer directly to a landing page instead of the home page. "Thanks for stopping by, here is a great ebook you can download on widgets (assuming they came from the Widget Showcase page). Now I'm creating a email list based on LinkedIn interest in widgets. Powerful and useful. Finally, having unique URL's is also a good thing for inbound SEO linkage and for outbound marketing campaigns.

    What I'm looking for today is an easy way to auto-post new content from a website to a specific Showcase page based on the category. If you know a great WordPress plug in with that capability, let me know.

  • May 19 Posted 3 years ago Krish TechnoLabs

     I know sure LinkedIn Showcase Pages is a great deal in exposing a business but honestly viewing a Showcase Page I can’t see an easy way of getting back to the company page .

  • Apr 10 Posted 3 years ago dschulenberg

    Showcase pages are featured in the right column of the a Company profile today. Do you have information that suggests this is going away?  Otherwise I would not necessarily agree that you have to create distinct LinkedIn redirects from your site.  What am I missing in the logic?

  • Tracy Sestili's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 3 years ago Tracy Sestili

    Unfortunately, the only way to highlight products and services will be through Showcase pages or status updates. However, don't forget that you can still add YouTube videos and other stuff to your overall Company page. Your products would really need to be distinct to want to have to create Showcase pages. Plus, you could always segment your updates to those most interested via targeted updates. Just an idea.

  • Ben Green's picture
    Apr 10 Posted 3 years ago Ben Green

    Thanks for the update, reminds me of other LinkedIn updates that cause more problems than they solve. Don't understand the new LinkedIn groups feed at all...

  • Apr 9 Posted 3 years ago Cynthia Segrave...

    Thanks for this. I hadn't rushed into Showcase pages for these reasons but I thought I'd end up needing to do it when the products and services tabs go away. Are there other effective ways to highlight products and services when those go away? Share slideshares featuring each one on the page maybe.

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