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3 Ways to Ensure Your Social Strategy is Mobile Friendly

Well, it’s official. It’s time to start thinking mobile when it comes to your social strategy. More and more people are choosing to stay connected to social media sites via their phone or tablet and less and less are connecting via desktop. This is a huge opportunity for marketers and can pose a major challenge as well if they don’t have a quality strategy. How can you be sure that your social strategy is mobile friendly? Here are 3 ways!

1) Focus on Quality!

One major thing that has been a turnoff to me when it comes to mobile advertising is how intrusive the banner ads are. To be effective in the world of mobile social media, we have to move our advertising messages from banners to the news feed. Whether this is on Facebook or Twitter, marketing messages have to become less intrusive and more viral in nature. Being welcomed into users’ news feeds will become increasingly important in the future. Considering this is where users spend a majority of their time, marketers should take a look at their content and advertising strategy to ensure that what they are publishing is high quality.

2) Consider Mobile Constraints & User Experience.

Compared to desktops, mobile devices have very small screens. We have to keep this in mind when creating content. Always consider the constraints that a mobile device presents and the experience of the user. Be sure that your images are the appropriate size and that your text is short and sweet. Nobody wants to spend time trying to zoom in and out to take in your content. The attention span of the social media user is notoriously short, and I would argue that it is even shorter when it comes to social media viewed on mobile devices.

3) Get Familiar with Paid Mobile Advertising Options

I am definitely not a proponent of letting money do the marketing for us, however getting comfortable with paid mobile advertising options. For Facebook, sponsored stories and promoted posts will become vital to community growth. History has proven that Facebook likes it when you give it money and I expect this trend to continue.

Marketers have to realize that vertical is the new horizontal and mobile is the way of the future. We must all adapt our social strategies and storytelling to mesh with what the mobile social user demands. In the end, a quality social media strategy is your best mobile advertising strategy.

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