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30+ Statistics How Social Media Influence Purchasing Decisions [INFOGRAPHIC]

30+ Statistics How Social Media Influence Purchasing Decision - infographic
Shortly after we share our foody selfies on Pinterest, we'll be browsing our Facebook and Twitter feed fill to the brim with shopping coupons and discounts. The fact is that social networks have become an ideal medium for businesses to share and promote their products and retail fairy tales. But, the question is how important social channel can be to YOUR business? How you can use social networking sites to drive sales and leads? If you need to prove this point to your clients or even your friends, here's an infographic loaded with 30+ stats on the subject - How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions. Remember to share them at the dinner table tomorrow.30+ Reason How Social Media Influence Purchasing Decision - infographic

40 percent of Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook users have purchased something after watching and sharing it.

3 out of 10 consumers think that Facebook influence their purchasing decisions.

Almost 5 out of 10 people follow brands on Pinterest to learn more about products.

Almost 2 out of 10 consumers follow brands on YouTube to make purchases.

Nearly 2 out of 10 Twitter users purchased an item after favoring on their feed.

infographic source: invesp | image credit: gettyimages.

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  • hailley's picture
    Jan 24 Posted 1 year ago hailley

    That's a really interesting point, Betsey! I'd be interested in knowing as well! 

  • hailley's picture
    Jan 24 Posted 1 year ago hailley

    These are some really interesting statistics! Information like this is so valuable when it comes to informing a brand's social strategy. Thanks for this! 

  • betseyheidrick's picture
    Jan 24 Posted 1 year ago betseyheidrick

    Great infographic, thanks for sharing, Irfan. Why do you suppose Pinterest has such low numbers for "sites most likely to influence purchasers"? I have come to know Pinterest as a major driver of online (and offline) sales, especially with their recent upgrads, like rich pins. 

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