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4 Great Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns

moms daySunday brings yet another annual dilemma of modern life: do I buy flowers or do I not buy flowers?

If you’re a flower-buyer, then good for you. You’re set.

But, if you plan on keeping your distance from the florist this allergy season, then you might have noticed some of the Mother’s Day marketing floating around this May.

I’ve curated a few of my favorite pieces of Mother’s Day marketing (despite my flora-inclinations):

#1 Google: Here’s to the Moms

AdWeek shares Google’s new Mother’s Day spot, produced by Whirled. Without drawing too much attention to themselves, Google is able to slip in several products, showing how they connect mothers with their children. Nothing that’s going to make a big splash, but solid brand reinforcement from Google through this little piece of content marketing.

#2 ONE: Mother’s Day Every Day Campaign

“ONE is a hard-headed movement of people around the world fighting the absurdity of extreme poverty,” says the group’s mission statement. ONE has a noticeably young, hip voice and a surprisingly powerful social media presence.

It’s great to see this organization take a turn focusing on mothers and their stories in the Mother’s Day Every Day campaign, which features dozens of blog posts about moms who are fighting poverty and changing the world.

#3 Fair Trade USA: Mother’s Day 2013

Speaking of non-profit marketing, be sure to check out Fair Trade USA’s Mother’s Day 2013 campaign, which encourages shoppers to pick up a Fair Trade-certified gift for mom this year. The campaign’s website links to recipes, coupons for a variety of Fair Trade retailers, and shares stories of moms from around the world who have benefited from Fair Trade practices.

#4 Momtract: America’s Premier Legally Binding Gift

“Nothing says love like mutuality of obligation,” ends the two-minute Momtract spot. Momtract is a gag gift with an ingenious satirical video, produced in somber black and white with a sonorous theatrical voiceover. The Momtract is a custom faux-legal document, in which you promise to finally start doing that one thing (whatever it may be) that your mom always nags you about. The company will draft the document, you sign it online, and it’s emailed along to mom!

More Mother’s Day Social Media Marketing

Check out how these companies are capitalizing on Mother’s Day on Twitter:

For someone who only goes into the store about twice a year, I really enjoy Target’s Twitter account.

Hey, why limit yourself to just one day?

Everyone likes free stuff, and – in case it’s been a while for you – flowers ain’t cheap.

Any of your own favorite Mother’s Day pieces of content marketing? Share them below!

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