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4 Powerful Reasons to Storyboard Your Business Ideas

Storyboarding for Business


There’s a reason why advertisers use storyboards to sell their ad concepts: it illustrates a concept and delivers a story to the client. Many business owners don’t realize that the storyboard is also a business and management tool that can be used to convey messages to employees, suppliers, customers, stockholders, partners, and top executives, alike. 

Here’s what a good storyboard can do for your business:


#1 - The Visuals Explain More Effectively What Lengthy Explanations Are Unable to Do

A picture speaks a hundred and one words but won’t bore your employees to tears or cause them to get distracted. How often have you delivered speeches and find your audience’s attention wavering after the first 5 minutes? In addition if you are the rambling type that goes off topic, you end up wasting precious working hours when you and the person (s) listening to you could be more productive. In a nutshell, you avoid turning each meeting into a preaching or bashing session.

#2 - A Storyboard Goes Straight To the Crux of the Message

If there is a problem, it is brought out immediately. If there is a situation, you can get everyone on board in a couple of minutes. The storyboard is like a magic slate that slashes through the unnecessary build-up of words and conveys the issue that needs to be discussed right away. It encourages reactions which is one of the most difficult things a leader has to eke out of his employees. If you are like most corporate offices or SME, then up to 90% of your staff is probably hesitant if not downright scared of speaking up after you talk.

#3 - Storyboarding Is Done at Lower Cost and Overhead

Aside from being able to save time and give a boost to productivity, you can also lower costs by not having to hire a Research and Development team. You can lean on the experts in the industry who are right there in your own backyard. Your people know your products better than anyone else so as long as you ask the right questions and use appealing storyboards, you can solicit reactions from them and start a discussion on whatever it is you need to find out.

#4 - It Works

The power of the storyboard as a business and motivational tool has always worked since it was first used in the 1930s by Disney and even earlier by the Japanese in the 12th century. It’s why making films, cartoons, ads, and visual marketing are booming industries. A lot of the time, even bad videos and pictures get more engagement than mere text alone. And the process has become drag-and-drop easy with advanced tools like StoryboardThat.  

Keep a storyboard organized, interesting, and interactive, and your next meeting may generate flowing ideas and thriving discussions.

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