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4 Reasons You Have to Respond on Social Media

Why You Need To Have A Social Media Response StrategyYeah, I'm on Facebook and Twitter. Isn't that enough?  While that is definitely a good start, by no means is that enough.  In today's social atmosphere that we are a part of having a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterst, Google Plus, YouTube channel, and maybe even Vine isn't enough.  To see any results you need to update regularly and respond to people.

Not sure why you need to be responding?  Well let me put it this way.  What if you were at a party and talking to a friend?  And while you were in this situation, you kept asking your friend questions but you got nothing in return. Nothing but complete silence.  You'd think they were being pretty rude, right?  A conversation is usually multi-sided.  Well, the same rules apply online. And as a business it is your duty to respond to people talking to you or at the very least responding to people who are looking for answers.  It's good etiquette.

Beyond the etiquette side of things, responding can do a lot good for your business and the relationships you build online.  Here are four more reasons why you need to respond to as many people as possible online.

4 Reasons You Have To Respond On Social Media

1.  Increases Your Credibility
People are weary of online businesses.  This is a fact. I think the perception of online business is changing as everyone has to be online now, but still it is something to think about.  Responding to inquiries helps build your credibility as a business.  It makes you trustworthy and makes people feel comfortable doing business with you online as they know they can reach you online.

Want to learn more about being credible online?  Here's an article I wrote on the subject of building your online credibility.

2.  Customer Expect It
42% of consumers who complain on social media expect a response in under 60 minutes. That's pretty important to know.  If you don't respond to your customers you can expect them to go elsewhere with their money.

3.  Shows You Care
This is probably the reason that resonates the most with me.  When someone responds to me online I know that they care about me.  They actually took the time out of their day to talk with me and build a relationship with me.  I like that and it makes me like the business better.  I would much rather do business with a company that cares about how I feel than one who ignores me.  Wouldn't you?

4.  Can Turn Haters Into Lovers
People who are complaining can turn into people who love you with a simple response.  It's like someone crying, sometimes all they need is a little love and attention to turn their frown into a smile.  This isn't just a guess either, 7 out of 10 people say their perception of a company changed from negative to positive when they received a response.

Wonder how your response time compares to your own and other industries?  Here is a great report on social media response times.


So, it's time to hit the response button on your social channels.  Don't have time?  Let us handle it for you.  Reach out to me and I'll give you all the details. Email me here.

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  • BethNeibert's picture
    Feb 20 Posted 3 years ago BethNeibert

    Stephanie, I've been saying this same thing for years and was glad to see your blog post validated it. Even when people were using extreme methods to increase their likes or followers, I'd say, "The numbers won't serve you if there is no engagement." Engagment means dialog and, as you so aptly described it, "a multi-sided conversation." Haters do become lovers; like the whinning child that gets attention. It's entirely possible that a "hater" was hating on someone else... now it's your turn. Shine on; share the love and engage is a positive way. Kudos, Stephanie!! Wish you much continued success! ~ Beth

  • sprout_sarah's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 3 years ago sprout_sarah

    Great post, Stephanie. I like that you emphasized the point of having to respond. There needs to be more posts of this type that liken social media communication to real life. If you ignore someone, they're going to move on and take their business elsewhere. 

    I'm an example of turning a hater into a lover, solely because of social customer care. Though the product might not be the absolute best, as long as I know the team working to make customers happy truly care, I'm very satisfied! 

  • Feb 9 Posted 3 years ago Jackiechafe

    I don't understand why businesses haven't done this in the first place. In any interaction whether it be virtual or physical you are communicating with a human being not a computer. The ease of access to communicate with individuals who live thousands of miles away from the comfort of our own homes/businesses is a perk for us, but that doesn't eliminate the need to connect when you do. Just asking someone to add you as a friend for a free gift or percent off does generate numbers but is that more valuable than quality? Getting people to notice you or connect with you is just the first step there are still several more to create a partnership and that takes an effort from your side to maintain it.

  • TheWriterSocial's picture
    Feb 9 Posted 3 years ago TheWriterSocial

    We are learning this the hard way, after months of just posting content we realize that our engagements are very poor. Social is really about connecting with one person at a time and building the relationships. Just like if you did business to business or door to door sales you have to shake those virtual hands one at a time and build a good reputation. Thanks for the resource page; I saw that I need to be replying in the 12 hour range for marketing. This gives us a great goal to shoot for so we can better engage our followers.

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