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4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to be on YouTube

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If I told you that the second most amount of searches online are done on YouTube over any other search engine or website would you believe me?

With over 4 billion video views each day, more than 60 hours of video uploaded every minute, and more than 400 million views daily on mobile devices YouTube has truly become a daily search destination for people.

When it comes to businesses talking about utilizing Social Media usually sites like Facebook and Twitter are quick to come up, but YouTube is often left off the short list. With the stats that I have listed above it is a mystery to me how more Small Businesses are not taking advantage of the great opportunity YouTube provides. I would even go as far as saying that people now enjoy more learning and searching for information through videos online over reading. The four points below are a few of the most important reasons why I feel YouTube needs to be considered a Social Media staple for your business.

1. The Reach and Accessibility of YouTube

YouTube is not just used by the young generation anymore. As mentioned above the 2nd most amount of searches online are done on YouTube over all other sites. Over 128 million people in the US and over 800 million globally visit YouTube at least once a month. Not only is there a large population of potential customers, but YouTube is easily accessible as well. The videos on the site can be shared or viewed by almost every smart phone on the market, and now by most new televisions that are sold. People have the ability to access the site when they want and where they want.

2. YouTube Advertising is Great!

If you have used Facebook advertising or PPC adds on Google or Bing you know how ridiculously expensive and competitive those can be. With YouTube you will be paying pennies on the dollar compared to those sites. Advertising on YouTube works exactly like a PPC ad where you bid on keywords and instead of a text ad coming up searchers will see your videos pop up. When creating a campaign you choose for your ad to either show up during a video or before, have your video show in a search, or promoted on the right display panel. Along with those choices are some great demographic targeting tools as well as insightful analytics which let you see how successful your ads were.

3. Tell your Story and Show off your Products

What better way to connect with potential customers or tell your brand’s story than through video. The emotional chords that videos can string are much more powerful than text or pictures. By being able to connect on a more emotional level with potential consumers will create more interest, curiosity and excitement about your company and products. Additionally, videos are a great way to show off. Whether it is showing how to use something, product launches or just demonstrating how amazing your products are videos are a great way to illustrate these points.

4. Make YouTube Channel a Destination for Viewers

After watching your video the next step for viewers is to check out your YouTube channel. This is a page that you should put in some effort and treat it as you would your website. If people can come to your YouTube channel and be able to read about your company, look at some pictures and videos they will be much more likely to then head over to your website and make a purchase. This should be an informative, but fun page for visitors to get  more interested in your brand and products.

Do you use YouTube for marketing your brand or business? Comment below with advice on what has or has not worked!

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  • Daniel Green's picture
    Jun 29 Posted 2 years ago Daniel Green

    Thanks for the article Saman.

    With my company we've developed an online platform for corporate hirers and freelancer use, and we had recently branced out into a business Youtube page. We've created clips to demonstrate many of our online productivity tools, however our page tends to struggle for visibility more than our other social media channels. 

    It's a shame that there lacks a business category on Youtube, but understandably the most watched videos would be in the entertainment categories.

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Feb 14 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    Good article!

    In reply to Stephen (great name btw) Youtube is a great way to make your company feel more accessible and helpful. Even if you're a small B2B firm. The company I work for has a main client base of SME's so we are a B2B organisation however we use videos to support our services all the time. 

    For instance we provide tutorials on using different social media platforms and offer, as support tools, videos to help attendees expand their knowledge even further after the tutorial. So they get free support, showing that we're a very helpful company whilst also reinforcing our brand (as the videos are branded) and that we are also the experts in our field.


  • Saman Kouretchian's picture
    Feb 13 Posted 4 years ago Saman Kouretchian

    Hi Stephen- Thanks for reading and commenting! I would agree with you that YouTube may not work as well for all businesses. However for service businesses or B2B's I could see a few opportunities. For example, if you have a dashboard that is used in your business that monitors online reputation you could show an example of how that works and the various metrics your company tracks. Also, interviewing experts at your company regarding how important it is to monitor your online reputation would work as well. 

  • Feb 13 Posted 4 years ago chatmeter

    I somewhat agree with you. For some businesses, I can totally see why they need to be on YouTube, but there are others who don't make sense at all. I work for a small startup company who helps businesses monitor and improve their online reputation, and we don't see the point of going on YouTube. We are a B2B business so it may not be too logical. 

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