4 Simple Ways to Make Your Hashtags Work Overtime

Laura Johnson Social Media & Content Director, Follr

Posted on August 26th 2014

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Hashtags Work Overtime

Hashtags are indisputably necessary for social media marketing and promotion. Whether you own the coffee shop around the corner or work for a huge corporation, you know the power they wield! The ability to find relevant, recent content in real time is an unacknowledged luxury, so why not milk those pound signs for all their worth!? Henceforth, four simple ways to make your hashtag(s) work double time for your brand or business.

1.         GeoTag Your Posts

Regardless of whether your business is based in New York or PoDunk, GodKnowsWhere you should be geotagging all of your social media posts. For example... Add #SanDiego if your company is hosting an event in San Diego. Add #Cancun if you’re on an incentive trip with other executives. Seeing that a real person is behind the posts, enjoying or doing business in these locations and being searchable by location will add another set of eyes to posts.

2.         Build Up that Street Cred

Join in Twitter chats and use your custom hashtag when communicating. Share knowledge, tips, etc. Once you’ve participated in a few, start your own twitter chat and use that hashtag to build credibility. Now all conversation around the topic of choice is searchable - by your hashtag!

3.         Hook Up With People Using the Same or Similar Hashtag(s)

Search your custom hashtag and see if anyone is using it. If so, follow them and reach out. If your hashtag is more mainstream, follow a few industry/thought leaders and retweet posts including the hashtag. Use it religiously when communicating with these folks. 

4.         Be There. Even if You’re Not.

Is there a big industry event or conference coming up? Find out what the hashtag is (or create one if it’s your event) and use it in the weeks or months leading up to the conference, as well as weeks after to post follow up updates and photos of the event. This allows you to be a part of the conversation before, during and after the big day. 


Laura Johnson

Social Media & Content Director, Follr

Laura  - a Texas native & Southern California transplant - is a new breed of media mogul. With experience and interest in all sorts of industries – Tech, Finance, Fashion, Wine & Spirits, Journalism – It’s no surprise www.Follr.com swooped her up to head their social media and content strategy. Media and Journalism being in her blood (Dad owns Dallas-based media powerhouse Success Partners), she’s a fresh & well-rounded authority on all things currently taking over the universe. As for accolades, Laura started writing and editing for SUCCESS.com before she had her high school diploma. From there she organized and lead massive email and print campaigns for international social justice organization, Invisible Children’s some 500k donors and helped weather the media MEGA-storm that was #KONY2012.  With degrees in International Business & Economics, Laura then left the non-profit world to become the social media strategist for a SoCal based fashion retailer. In addition to freelance writing and blogging, she spends her free time taking in as many beautiful San Diego sunsets as possible and perfecting the G&T (extra lime please). 

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Posted on August 27th 2014 at 3:23AM

Thanks for the tips.

Posted on August 29th 2014 at 1:55PM

You're welcome Suzie! Glad you found them helpful!

Posted on August 31st 2014 at 11:14AM

Great advice! What do you recommend when creating  your custom hashtag? I've been using #heisallboy. Is that not unique enough? Thank you for your thoughts.