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4 Tips to Make Your Content More Sharable on LinkedIn

sharable content on linkedinContent creation is only part of the inbound marketing equation. Another critical component that is often overlooked is content promotion. With Google's recent move to hide keyword data, we feel like content promotion in social communities like Google + Communities and LinkedIn Groups is more important than ever.

This new industry reality brings to the surface an unignorable fact about lovable marketing: you have to add amazingvalue. Your posts can no longer just be optimized for keywords. They need to add real value in real life if they are going to have any legs. There are four tips that will teach you how to make your content more sharable on LinkedIn.

Make the post industry specific

If you're a B2B marketer in a boring or unsexy industry, take heart. LinkedIn is your playground. If you haven't, do a quick search for groups with your target keywords or industries. I guarantee you that you will find a tribe of passionate and engaged people out there talking about it. Doesn't matter how boring you think it is, your target market doesn't find your industry boring.

Curation is a great way to quickly and easily put together blog posts that are highly relevant to a LinkedIn group. Use a tool like or Spundge to create streams of content around specific topics. Grab some good ones, curate them in a blog, and share the blog in a group.

Include an image with a call to action

When sharing an article in a group or on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn will automatically pull in the featured image from the post. This shows up in the preview to the left of the text. This image is a great place to add a call to action telling the reader to click for more information. Here is an example of how we use this feature here on the GuavaBox blog. LinkedIn content Example


Share your guest post, less spammy

On social media, particularly in LinkedIn groups, slimy marketers have ruined the fun for all of us. By "spamming" groups with links back to their website, they have made community moderators extra wary of any links shared back to a user's website.

It doesn't matter if your article is extremely valuable, there is still a good chance the moderator will flag it as spam. One way to share your content and still make the moderator happy is to focus on sharing your guest posted content.

Write about how to better use LinkedIn

People see that LinkedIn is a valuable tool for business, but most don't feel like they're getting the most out of the tool. One great way to get your content shared on LinkedIn is to write more content about using LinkedIn. This can be highly valuable if it is paired with industry expertise.

This unique perspective helps cut through the clutter out there and drive your target readers to action. An example of this approach would be to create a blog post that lists healthy LinkedIn groups within a specific vertical.  

A great example is Cerasis, a freight and logistics software and service company.They created a great blog post that shared the top supply chain, logistics, transportation, distribution, and freight groups on LinkedIn. As you can see, it was shared over 100 times on LinkedIn.

content creation tips 

Fitting LinkedIn into the Bigger Picture

Want to produce amazing content that is going to be shared on LinkedIn and other sites? Well, it needs to exist within a larger strategy that will help increase traffic, leads, and sales through your website. If you're interested in setting up a repeatable and scalable system that delivers marketing ROI, check out The B2B Marketing Checklist. Insides you'll find all the steps, tips, and tricks you need to great a lead generation machine on your website.

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  • AndrewJDymski's picture
    Nov 15 Posted 3 years ago AndrewJDymski

    Love that idea! Going to have to try it out. 

  • Adella Choi's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 3 years ago Adella @ Wishpond

    Hi Andrew. Great tips! You can also increase engagement easily using Polls. This is another fun and quick way to engage your group members by asking an open-ended or multiple choice question. For example, Mustafa Akkoc asked “What is the meaning of Social Media to you in one or two words?” in the “Social Media Marketing” group, and this post resulted in 3,370 comments and 443 Likes at the end.

  • sprout_sarah's picture
    Nov 14 Posted 3 years ago sprout_sarah

    Very true regarding content, but I think discussions are just as valuable - especially with so much content everywhere else. I'm part of the Social Media Marketing Club LinkedIn group and it's discussion only. The conversations and collaboration is phenomenal, as it's very well managed. I'd highly recommend checking it out! I haven't managed any groups, but I have started moderating a Twitter chat, which can definitely be a challenge when participants have differing opinions. I love the challenge to keep the discussion flowing and productive, as well as keep the peace. 

  • Nov 14 Posted 3 years ago Marketwithmario

    great tip about making the post industry specific. That tends to grab people's attention.

  • AndrewJDymski's picture
    Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago AndrewJDymski

    Hey Sarah, 

    Good tip, that can be a good sign of a healthy group. Not always helpful for sharing content, but great for building relationships and a deeper understanding of the challenges people are facing. I have been curious about starting a group. I'm currently maintaining one, but haven't put too much into it as far as focus. Have you found any success managing groups? 

    Thanks for your comment!

  • sprout_sarah's picture
    Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago sprout_sarah

    Great advice, Andrew. LinkedIn groups are definitely a gold mine of spam. There can be great content, even if it is self-promotion, but often you have to dig to find it. I've allocated more of my time to the groups that allow minimal or no links. The best collaboration and conversations happen here. 

    I would advise any brand to start a community like this - solely discussion allowed. 

  • AndrewJDymski's picture
    Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago AndrewJDymski

    Hi Ajay, 

    Thanks for your comment, glad you found the article helpful. Curation is great, the main key is setting up enough fresh streams of content to stay relevant. Once you have that setup, it is just a matter of discovering the most helpful content. 

    Have a good one! 

  • ajayprasad's picture
    Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago emarketing .

    Dear Andrew

    I like your tips to make  content more sharable on LinkedIn. You are very right that curation is a great way to quickly and easily put together blog posts that are highly relevant to a LinkedIn group. I have seen one of my friend  often use Scoop it / Spundge to create content around specific topics. Thank you so much.

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