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The 5 Biggest Twitter Blunders by Celebrities

Typing out a quick 140-character Tweet has got a lot of people in trouble--especially celebrities. It's just too easy to make a rash statement, lose humor or irony on Twitter, or type out something in the heat of the moment. Social media has done some great things, but there are always some "victims," too. In the world of celebrities, a lot of faux pas have been committed on Twitter.

There are also some upsides to Twitter, such as allowing fans to really connect with their celebrity favorites. For better or worse, Twitter isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Here's a look at the 5 biggest Twitter blunders. Consider them fair warning before taking to social media to rant.

1. Kim's Catty Moment

Kim Kardashian has made several Twitter blunders, but one feline frenzy stands out in particular. She uploaded a picture of herself holding a cat by the scruff of his neck--and PETA came out in full force. A lot of worried followers attacked Kim for how she handled the cat, and Kim replied that the owner was right there and okay with it. Now that Kimmy has a feline of her own, followers can only hope she's learned her lesson.

Kim Kardashian and Cat

2. Russell Brand's Natural Beauty

When Russell Brand tweeted a pic of his then-wife Katy Perry sans-makeup, he got mixed reviews. However, Katy was enraged since the picture was anything but flattering. That's proof that a man should never scorn a woman--especially his wife. In his defense, many comments were encouraging and fans were happy to see a real, genuine photo that's so rare in the world of PhotoShop.

3. Call Me! Love, Charlie.

It's surprising that Charlie Sheen was actually giving his number to Justin Bieber and not (yet another) young, overtly sexual plaything. However, he did it very publicly and tweeted his number directly to Biebs. This resulted in non-stop phone calls for days, and given Charlie's questionable reputation, there's no telling how bad those calls became. It's inevitable that Charlie learned to be a little more discreet--at least when it comes to phone numbers.

4. Jessica Wright's Sympathies

It's unclear whether Jessica Wright either has no idea about the history of North Korea, or maybe she was just trying to be compassionate and it went haywire. When Dictator Kim Jong-il died in 2011, Jessica tweeted "Rest in Peace" and received some nasty backlash. Given the reputation and actions of the dictator, few people were very sympathetic about his passing.

5. Ashton and the Sex Abuse Scandal

Ashton has a long history of Twitter usage (and abusage). However, when he sympathized with Penn football coach Joe Paterno, the backlash he received was unprecedented. It's still unclear exactly what he was trying to do with those tweets, but he handed his Twitter account over to managers after this mistake.

Twitter blunders will keep happening--some amusing and some shocking. Luckily for fans, it's always free and fast moving entertainment.

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  • Apr 28 Posted 4 years ago cscwallace

    Joe Paterno wasn't the child molester, that was his assistant, Jerry Sandusky.

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