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5 Facebook Updates Every B2C Small Business Needs to Make

ImageAre you tortured by your B2C company Facebook page’s falling engagement rates? Curious about how you can stand out in a field of Facebook-savvy competitors? Despite Facebook’s questionable approach to business page algorithms, it’s still the number one social media platform for reaching B2C customers. But instead of posting the on-topic (yet forgettable) industry news, it’s time to change your tune.

While industry-related updates have their place in the traditional B2C social media strategy, the posts that will win you customers are the ones that are original and engaging. And if you’re not sure where to get started, here’s a look at five Facebook updates every B2C company needs to make to grow and retain its target market:

Feature Customers (& Their Networks) to Build Loyalty

Every business craves customer loyalty. It’s what keeps you in business, and what grows your business. But how do you grow it? The first step is to have a product or service that meets and then exceeds your target audience’s needs. The second, more advanced step is to create a desirable lifestyle around your product or service and affirm your customer’s participation in this lifestyle.

Enter: the “Customer of the Month” feature. Not only will this help you recognize loyal customers and bring your page a traffic boost from that customer’s personal network, but it actively creates a desirable lifestyle around your product or service for all of your other customers. It’s not picking one customer from the crowd, it’s passing on your brand messaging in a very personal example. For an athletic apparel company, this may take the form of posting a photo of a customer rock climbing to share the message that Our customers are active, sporty people. For a local candy shop, this may take the form of a photo of a mother and daughter choosing candy to say that Our customers are family-minded and enjoy the little things in life. This kind of first-person referral and testimonial is far more valuable than simply posting a photo of your rock climbing gear or your candy.

Community Events & Engagement

B2C customers want to support local businesses and build relationships with their community. So go get involved! Whether you attend or host philanthropic events, post photos of your staff, your business, and your customers (with their permission, of course). Every time you step outside your office you have an opportunity to engage with your online followers.

To get started, take photos at each event. Upload these photos one at a time for maximum exposure, and do your best to tag other companies and organizations in the photos as well. For an extra special touch, include on each photo how your Facebook followers can get more involved. Post a link to the community fundraising page, or information about where your customers can go for more information.

Regional & Local Inside Jokes

Speaking of community engagement, nothing strikes home so much as commentary that, well, strikes home. If you’re a business that relies on local traffic for your livelihood or that has a brick-and-mortar location, your Facebook presence would benefit greatly from seeking out local inside jokes and promoting them on your Facebook page.

To generate these observations, start following the online presence of local media outlets like radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers. When you’re driving to and from your location or multiple locations, keep an eye out for repeated patterns. It could be as simple as snapping a photo of a busy traffic intersection and posting a funny comment about how much work you get done on your phone while you wait for the light to turn. It’s these small, personal, local touches that will make your company’s perspective resonate with your Facebook followers.

Discounts & Coupons (With a Personal Touch)

if you you’re hosting a special sale or an event with a discount, feature those coupons on your Facebook page and let your followers know how and why they can share each post. But don’t stop with a feeble announcement: with their permission, feature real customers who have used the coupon and share details about what their purchase was for.

Just think of the difference between a generic post about the store-wide 10 percent off coupon and a photo of a happy grandmother with the caption “Anna used her 10 percent coupon to purchase a sweater for her first grandchild.” It’s this small detail that encourage your followers to put themselves in the customers position and think of who in their life would benefit from such a coupon.

Curiosity-Piquing Day-to-Day Updates

Facebook posts that include photos are 53 to 104 percent more likely to see engagement from your Facebook fans. If you’re located in an office, take advantage of these stats by including photos of your workspace whenever appropriate. You can even make it interactive: If you’re planning a renovation or changing something in the office, post parts of the decision-making process online to shed a little light into your company’s personality. Ask questions about paint color, fabric, and room placement -- all the small things that customers might be curious about.   

Don’t stop at these five ideas -- anything that you could post that would be appropriate to your audience and unique to your business is fair game!

What does your B2C business post about on Facebook? Are you keeping it original and engaging?

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