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5 Fatal Content Strategy Mistakes

Content strategy can be defined as the planning, development, delivery and management of informational content on the web. An excellent content strategy helps businesses achieve their goals by getting wider search engine exposure and driving maximum traffic to their websites. In order to succeed on the web, you need great content to get indexed by both search engines and social media. Unfortunately, many businesses make fatal content strategy mistakes on their websites. Most common strategy mistakes include:

Wrong selection of audience:

Before creating content, you need to determine your target audience. Writing content with the target audience in your mind will do much better in the social networking sites and search engines. Moreover, many websites will easily find you and add a link to your website. This, in turn, will generate huge amounts of traffic to your website. Therefore, take some time and research your target audience before writing content.

Relying only on content:

Although an excellent content strategy is the byproduct of self-expression, passion and creativity,

writing a piece of good content is just a part of the SEO process. Additional link diversity and social interaction should be considered.

Poor content:

Low quality content may cause your potential customers to ignore your content and go with your competitors. Make sure that your content is understandable and readable. It should not sound like an ad or sales copy; rather it should convince the customers to pursue the business with you. Moreover, your content should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Offsite Content:

Don’t put your best content on the third party sites that make their money via the content of others. Although social sites help spread awareness about you and your company among the people and business groups, they are not the place to put your best pieces of content. If your own blog or website rarely gets updates, then submitting content to social networking sites will not pay you in the long run. Invest efforts and time in your site first and then produce content for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Treating your customers like readers of a book:

You should add meaningful images to the content to improve the clarity and retain the interest of the readers in the content. Many researches have shown that text-only content often fails to deliver the desired results because it is far less likely to be noticed and shared on the web. You can use the modern tools to create good images and videos and post them to your website, blog and social networking sites. 

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  • Jan 2 Posted 5 years ago Kendra Fowler

    Many often, articles and blogs are targetted to totally irrelevant audiences. This is such a waste of time and our writing skills. We may write about topics that are somehow related to our niche but then getting the right set of readers is important. Getting them to read the full post is still more important! However, your post is a perfect example of how an article should be. I read it fully!

  • Dec 27 Posted 5 years ago bri331

    great post.Text-only content, when shared on Facebook, only features a generic logo (or no image at all) - and people are less likely to click through on a Facebook link if there's no image associated with that link.

  • MorganBarnhart's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 5 years ago MorganBarnhart

    Really interesting breakdown. Helps me to think about my content about see where I can improve, as well as pull back a bit. 

    I really like the tip about not putting your best content on third party sites. I read an article the other day that said to be really careful about which sites you syndicate with. Some sites will increase your visibility, while others will hurt it and your Google ranking. 

    Thanks for the article!

  • Mohamed Elsherif's picture
    Dec 26 Posted 5 years ago Mohamed Elsherif

    Hello Ryan, 


    Nice article. 


    I wonder when you said "Additional link diversity and social interaction should be considered." For small comapanies how can this be achived? 


    Keep writing great stuff like this please. 




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