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5 Free and Powerful Tools to Track Your Social Media Shares

It cannot be denied how powerful and influential social media is nowadays. By just taking a look at how people work in a day, you will notice that mostly would stop to check their social media accounts for updates.

With this in mind, businesses have taken the opportunity to be a party of the trend. Famous brands and even startup companies have already signed up for popular social media sites which can help them reach out to more people.

If you are one of the many who’s been considering social media to gain more profit or just to share your message to a larger audience, then you’ll be glad to know that you also have the power to track your social media shares. By being able to see the numbers, graphs, and other metrics that would measure your shares, you can come up to a conclusion if your activity was effective or not.

By doing a quick search, you can already have a list of the monitoring tools available. But how will you be able to choose the right one for your needs when you do not want to spend your budget on this? Is there a way to track your social media activities without having to shed money? You don’t have to fret here because there are free and convenient tools out there like these five popular platforms:

1. HootSuite


One of the best systems that you could use to monitor and manage your social media accounts is HootSuite. With this tool, you are given one dashboard where you can control everything on your profiles without having to individually access each site. You can easily share a message or status on all accounts on a timely manner. Plus, you could receive reports if you need to have a detailed analysis of your social media status. You just need to assess your needs here since HootSuite has free and paid offers.

2. TweetDeck



An application that is reliable for Twitter users is TweetDeck, which is made by the company the social media channel itself. It allows you to manage multiple accounts all at the same time making it convenient if you are actively using this social media platform. You also have control on what would appear on your dashboard since there is a filter system.

3. BackTweets



Another system that you could use for your Twitter account is BackTweets. With this simple and convenient platform, you can already view the history of tweets that contain your website. All you have to do is key in your site’s URL, Twitter username, hashtag, or query. Then, you’ll be directed to a page that shows the users and tweets related to your search.

4. SiteMention





If you are after graphs or data presented in figures, then SiteMention might just be the right tool for you. By placing your URL on the search bar, you can already be directed to a page that contains numbers on social bookmarking resources and social media platforms. You can also view a chart that explains the percent of mentions being made on the given sites which are related to your business.

5. Social Mention



Social Mention is a system that gives you real-time analysis on the search and social media aspects made by users online. It gives you a better view on how others talk about your business, whether it is through YouTube or Twitter or Facebook. You can also filter or select the categories for the data you wish to see if you feel like there is too much information being given. Upon searching, you can check out the sentiments, top keywords, top users, and more which will give an idea on how others view your offers.

Now, you won’t have to worry how you can gauge the effectiveness of social media for your company. Just try out these free monitoring tools and you can already have a glimpse on the way the people react with your brand. You might even get the chance to level up your marketing through these which is not only beneficial for your business, but also helpful for your customers. So avoid counting the numbers and let one or even all of these social media tools do the tracking job for you.

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