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5 Golden Rules to Keep Children Safe on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]


 5 Golden Rules to Keep Children Safe on Social Media #Infographic #StaySafeI’m sure I don’t have to tell everyone that yesterday was Social Media Day, an idea started by those lovely folk at Mashable back in 2010, that just gets bigger and bigger every year.

I’m the social media manager at the British Council, a not-for-profit organization that promotes UK education and culture throughout the world. My team (Suzanne and YC) and I decided that we wanted to join in the fun this year and give something to our large, global audience – parents and carers of children.

Concern for Kids Safety Online

We’ve recently been getting the same comment, from parents of children learning English with us, wherever they are in the world. They’re worried for the safety of their kids using social media.

Parents want their children to get the benefits of what the online world has to offer but are often freaked out by the scary stuff out there. It’s even worse particularly for those parents who are not themselves digital natives. I can completely relate to that too. I don’t know about you, but when my kids (6 and 8 yrs old) hi-jack my iPad, I can’t believe how quick they are able to dominate it. I’m also wary that they’re just a few clicks away from accessing unsavoury and potentially harmful content.


So this is the where the idea for #StaySafe came from. My organization has a global commitment to child safety – our motto is…

“The British Council believes that all children have potential and that every child matters in the world.”

So we decided that on Social Media Day it would be good to link our child protection commitment with social media and offer some sound advice to parents by way of an infographic. We worked with our own Child Protection team and UK online Digital experts CEOP who have a special site for parents called Thinkuknow .

Finally we wanted the infographic to be as inclusive as possible, so we produced a version in English and five other languages as well (Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, Arabic and Portuguese).

So if you’re a Mom or Dad who want to know the 5 Golden Rules for keeping your children safe on social media, this infographic is for you. If you like it, please help us share and engage in the conversation by using the hashtag, #StaySafe on Twitter and Facebook.

Many thanks to social superstar and super mom Pam Moore and Marketing Nutz for letting me share this with you. Pam, you really rock social!

David Blundell
Social Media Manager – British Council

 5 Golden Rules to Keep Children Safe on Social Media #Infographic #StaySafe



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  • Jul 16 Posted 3 years ago texmex

    I liked this infographics but at the end you see a nice LONG URL being reference d for more information.... This is NOT the correct solution for an infographic as it is not clickable. So this long URL is totally useless on this picture.!!!! Have short URL if you want people to go to your website from within an image. If you can feed that back to the author of the infographic. By the age of 11 kids are adolescents and value the opinion of their friends as much as the opinions of their parents, so peer pressure is big to do as everybody else. So social media or real life, you have to rely on their 'BON SENS' (good judgement) as much as possible. Not easy when you have not much background and experience.

  • PamMoore's picture
    Jul 15 Posted 3 years ago PamMoore

    I agree with you A. Swiss. I think the importance of the "tell me" is to encourage your child to open up the lines of communication with you as a parent.  We have open conversation with our kids and at this point (teen and younger) that they are sharing what sites they visit.  We work with them as partners.

    However, I also agree with you that we must be involved. Depending on them to "tell us" is not a solution by itself. It's only one of many things that we need to do as we take an active role in ensuring our kids are safe online. 


  • Jul 1 Posted 3 years ago texmex

    Well, my kids are in the 11-15 years range and I can not count on them to show me what they do. I know the sites they use, I am a friend with them on Instagram, Path, .... but I don't know their interactions with their friends and friends of friends. I pip from time to time when they leave it logged on, but the best way to protect them from themselves is to educate them. And repeat them the dangers, and show them stories and examples of the wrong usage of social media.

    No facebook for them because it feels too open and this company is evil. But she uses Instagram which now belongs to Facebook...

    Social media has some great features and they can be an advantage for your kid's socialisation. It is no easy subject and requires a little more attention than "tell me"

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