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5 Must Have Social Media Plugins for WordPress

ImageAs you might have noticed in your search to find the best WordPress social media plugins available, there are so many to choose from.  So how do you really know which one is the best one for your site?  You can start by looking at the ratings.  WordPress lets you rank a plugin from one star to five stars.  Next, take a look at how many downloads the plugin has.  If it has a lot and still has a four or five star rating, take a look at the details.  If you are looking at the details of a plugin, make sure to take a look at the Screenshots, or at a link to the plugin’s website.  If the plugin does not have Screenshots, it may be best to not download it, unless you already know what it does, or have seen it on another site.

Here are a few great WordPress Social Media Plugins to help narrow it down for you!

Digg Digg (Buffer) Floating Social Media Bar.  Digg Digg, now acquired by the social media “tweet saver” Buffer, is a great plugin if you want a floating social bar that looks just like Mashable’s floating bar on the left side of their page.  This is also the one we choose to use, as you will notice on the left side of your screen!  This plugin is easy to use and understand, and integrates nicely into all themes.

Livefyre Realtime Comments.  This is a great substitute for WordPress comments that uses your social media accounts for integration into how you comment.  You can choose from a plethora of social media accounts to authorize Livefyre to comment from.  You can see an example of this at the bottom of this post, as we also use this as our comment plugin of choice!

Facebook Like Box.  If you want your readers to be able to see what is going on with your Facebook page without having to leave your site, this is a great plugin for you!  This nestles into your sidebar, and readers can see your latest posts, as they would be on Facebook.

Tweet Stream.  Looking for a nice way to present your tweets on your page?  This plugin does just that, and even shows your Twitter profile picture and lets you click on the links that may be present in you tweets.  You can choose how many tweets are shown at one time.

Social Media Tabs.  This is a great way to have all of your social media platforms on your page without having them take up too much space on your site.  They are all in one place, and the reader can click on which profile they want to see by clicking on the tabs to the left of the widget!

So, if you are looking for the best social media plugins to fit your page, look for ones that will showcase your content in the best possible way.  Make sure to look at the plugins features fully before downloading!  I hope these plugins will be useful to you and point you in the right direction to finding your perfect WordPress social media plugins!


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  • Tyler Murdock's picture
    Oct 1 Posted 4 years ago Tyler Murdock

    I was looking for some Wordpress information so I could get some ideas for my blog post about Wordpress and I found this! Thank you so much! I think I am going to really like some of these plugins! I want to go try them now. 

  • Mar 21 Posted 5 years ago TechGuyTom

    I'm glad you both like the plugin. It's getting a little old so I should update it again. If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 21 Posted 5 years ago Nina Churchill

    I like it as well because it shows your Twitter profile picture.  Many of the Twitter stream plugins do not.

  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 21 Posted 5 years ago Nina Churchill

    I'm glad it helped!

  • boykonikolov's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 5 years ago boykonikolov

    From the five above in your post actually I really like the Tweet Stream. Maybe because I prefer short messages.

  • Mar 20 Posted 5 years ago kendallfaith11

    I am glad I found this

  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 5 years ago Nina Churchill

    What are your favorite WordPress Social Media Plugins?

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