5 New Pinterest Features You Should Know

Christianna Giordano Senior Account Executive, Cohn & Wolfe

Posted on May 19th 2013

5 New Pinterest Features You Should Know

Over the last few months, Pinterest has made a number of changes and upgrades – no major redesigns or ad implementations that we thought might be coming, but five that are worth noting. To the daily Pinterest user and marketer, a few of these can make a significant change in your life. 

Pinterest new features


1. Send Pins to Your Friends

See something during your Pinterest wanderings that a friend or colleague might like? You are in luck. You can now tap the “send” button to share it with other Pinterest users, Facebook friends or email contacts.

2. Duplicate Pin Notification

This can be a life saver if you are managing multiple boards, accounts and brands and can’t seem to remember which the cat photo you already pinned to one.  So now, instead of opening another tab and searching through your previous pins, Pinterest will give you a quick, “Whoops! You already pinned that…” or “Pssst! Looks like you already pinned this to…” Two words: time saver.

3. Analytics

Hoping to see more come from this soon, but for the time being, Pinterest’s new analytics are better than nothing. Although they are basic, they allows site owners to track the number of pinners and pins collecting material from their web pages. It also tracks the repinners and repins of those pins. Total impressions, reach, referral traffic are measured and easily displayed as well.  While this can be helpful for webmasters, you will still need to use third-party analytic platforms to identify influential pinners, popular boards and highly-engaged pins.  

4. Mobile Notifications, Friend Mentions & Suggested Search Terms

For those who love to pin from their cell phones, Pinterest upgraded its mobile features to include push notifications so you can track when you get repins or comments – which is helpful if you are managing pages in real time. Additionally, you can now also use the suggested search term feature normally found just on the web version and you can now also mention friends from your cell phone. Looks like Pinterest really wants you to use mobile.  

5. Chrome Extension

As an avid Chrome browser user, I greatly appreciate these types of chrome-specific buttons – also frees up space on my bookmark bar which is always overcrowded. 


Christianna Giordano

Senior Account Executive, Cohn & Wolfe

Senior Account Executive on the Cohn & Wolfe Digital Team in New York City – where I work deep in the trenches of social media strategy, community management and trends. I am a graduate of Gettysburg College with a Bachelors of Science in Management with a minor in Film Studies. I completed New York University's  Digital Media Marketing Professional Studies Certificate Program learning new skills in web analytics, search optimization and social business.  When I am not tweeting, blogging & pinning, I am exploring other aspects of life: family, friends, food, traveling & watching movies.

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