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5 Reasons Recruiters Don't Click Through Your LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Probably one of the most prevalent reasons why people get a LinkedIn profile is to connect with job opportunities out there.

However, even if one has the skills and the experience perfect for a certain job post, they will not get noticed by recruiters if recruiters do not click through the LinkedIn profile of prospects.

This infographic from LinkedIn in 30 Minutes details five common mistakes LinkedIn profile owners do that result in recruiters not clicking through to view a profile.

“Are you missing out on job opportunities?” the infographic asks, of users of the world’s foremost social network for professionals.

LinkedIn is fertile ground for recruiters to get people to fill jobs. According to a Bullhorn survey cited by this infographic, 97 percent of recruiters say they used LinkedIn to find job candidates. Furthermore, 67 percent of recruiters say that they solely use LinkedIn for recruiting.

These are very high numbers. Just 27 percent and 22 percent use Twitter and Facebook to look for prospect candidates for jobs.

This is why a person’s LinkedIn profile and how he or she sets it up is very crucial to getting the opportunities that matter.

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The infographic then goes on to list the five common mistakes regarding LinkedIn profile.

The first mistake is “You aren’t connected to recruiters”. It adds that this also applies to not connecting to anyone else.

This makes sense as the more connections one has, particularly if those connections influence decisions of companies on who to hire, the more likely they are exposed to job opportunities.

The second mistake is “You don’t have a profile photo”. This is the same as having a profile photo that is blurry or extremely outdated.

Why does this matter? People like to put a face to a person. Imagine that you were the one trying to find a person to fill a job. Would you try to connect to someone who does not have a profile picture or someone who has and has a complete LinkedIn profile?

Another mistake listed by the LinkedIn in 30 Minutes infographic is “You have a boring, generic headline”. It adds that this also applies to headlines which have typographical errors.

Always remember that LinkedIn is more of a professional social network. What do errors in your headline say about the kind of work you will offer an organization if you are hired?

Having an exciting headline also ensures that a recruiter’s attention is captured. A great headline also matters because it affects how a profile shows up in searches.

That point brings us to the fourth mistake listed by the infographic. It says “Your profile lacks the right keywords”.

Think of this as LinkedIn search engine optimization. If website owners are working hard to rank for certain keywords on search engines like Google and Bing, you should work hard to rank for certain keywords in the LinkedIn search engine. If one does that, they increase the chance they will be seen by recruiters looking for a specific skill or experience.

The last mistake the infographic notes is “Your profile isn’t public”. It adds, “…or you’re not on LinkedIn yet.” We agree. There is no point in making your profile private except, of course, if you are dead sure you are in the right job. Increase your exposure by making your profile public.

As for those who are not on LinkedIn yet, having a great profile entails making an effort but it is worth it if it helps in landing you the right job.

Learn more, including how to grow your network and the most important parts of a LinkedIn profile, from the infographic from LinkedIn in 30 Minutes and AvidCareerist below.

LinkedIn, recruiters, click-through,


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  • AaronKocourek's picture
    Aug 5 Posted 3 years ago AaronKocourek

    Can you write an article on how to get annoying recruiters to leave you alone? lol

  • Socialbarrel's picture
    Aug 1 Posted 3 years ago Socialbarrel

    Hey Adam, 

    Are those stats your estimate or are you currently running a survey? 


    If you are running a survey would love to see the published results.



  • micvadam's picture
    Jul 31 Posted 3 years ago micvadam

    Recruiters also fail to have a good profile!  Maybe the same question has to be asked: Why I do not want to click on the profile of a recruiter?  

    50% do not have a profile picture

    60+ do not even their website

    90% do not do status updates!

    More info on my survey in Septermber...

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