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5 Steps to a Successful Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are starting to become moreImage and more popular and there are reasons for it, 1) promote your brand organically  2) gather like minded participants for intriguing conversation 3) they are easy to set up 4) traffic and reach from the chat is easy to measure 5) It's not another boring webinar

A recent 45 minute chat we hosted with a publishing partner reached 39,000 twitter accounts and generated 93,000 impressions.  The chat generated 100 new followers and exposure for the conference we are promoting

$0 CPA is really nice. Any inbound traffic from organic impressions is a win regardless of %. 

Anyway, here's a few quick steps/tips that I learned while organizing this chat

1. Define your topic

Associate your topic with conversations already happening on twitter i.e. #tags. Identify a few relevant hashtags, monitor the conversation and curate your chat around active conversation. Don't be afraid to base you chat around 1 really great question. "Who is the greatest rapper of all time?"  Jay-Z no 2Pac no Eminem etc

2. Find a Media Partner

If this is your first chat and you don't already have a significant following or promotion channel find a partner.  Allow the media partner to moderate or republish the chat's content. Double the promotion Double the fun.

3. Interview a Thought Leader(s)

Twitter chats can run a little wild sometimes. You are going to get the feeling some people participating feel like Miss America and their responses have to be so profound, twitter itself will shut down because they just tweeted the tweet of all tweets. Setting the conversation up like an interview or panel will keep the conversation around your questions and content will be more focused.

4. Structure the Conversation,

Four or five questions should get you through an hour over conversation, but it is really important to structure the tweets so conversation makes sense. Append "Q1:" to the beginning of the question and remind participants to return with "A1:" or "A2:" which ever is relevant. Your #tagchat also needs to be in each tweet as well so tweets don't go off into the twitterverse unaccounted.

5. Tools and Measurement, 

Helpful tools as follows

Tweetchat helps with the real-time organization and structuring your tweets

Tweetreach measure your #tag reach

Storify organize the best of you chat and publish it to your blog


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  • Sep 28 Posted 4 years ago Anna Boiko

    Great article! You mentioned several apps at the end of this post. I can name one more. I work on community building every day. And I tried several apps to help my communities grow, but can name one which is helpful a lot. I use RoundTeam – it helps to build and grow your community. The main idea is to provide your followers opportunity to communicate, start discussions, reply on your tweets, so everybody in the community can see it, not only you personally. More about community building here: Hope you’ll find it useful!

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