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5 Tips for Effectively Managing a Facebook Page

For some companies managing a Facebook page is always been difficult to handle, but it’s not a rocket science as it seems, make sure you always need to be quick and responsive with lots of creativity. From our experience we have find out there are three major elements that improvise your posts.

  • Advance Facebook Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Creativity

Facebook Pages

In this post we’ll answer some of the FAQ’s questions and will give you some advices on what a good Facebook strategy should be like. How often should we update our page? How much is too much? What content should we put into those updates? When is the best time to update your page?

How often should you update your page?

There are different methodologies about this statement. Mostly Facebook users thinks that, if their post is too little and not frequent than it will be lost in the feeds, of course there are so many feeds on the wall of the users and your post might be lost in the crowd. From our experience we have learned that 3-5 updates per week are the perfect amount to maintain the presence. Avoid the temptation to post minutiae on Facebook. Until unless your company has some new product to launch or some special promotion is running then you can update your post more often, just so long as the content is of interest to your followers. A good rule of thumb is never to update your page more than 5 times a day, at this point you are wandering into spam territory. Timing is also an importing to consider before posting anything, it will provide you the maximum outcome.

What kind of updates to put on Facebook Page?

For and most important thing in managing Facebook page is, what kind of a content you should post that will interest your fans. This will depends on your goals and objectives. Suppose if you are using Facebook to promote you and your company’s products and the ultimate goal is to convert your followers into people who support you financially through sales. But you need to also keep in mind that the people who sees your updates in their news feeds have revealed their interest in your brand by liking you enough to become your fans on Facebook. They are aware with your brand, they may already own your products. Therefore your messages to these people shouldn’t be a Buy! Buy! Buy! We have found that photos are constantly the most visited part of any brands Facebook page. Check out your page insights and see for yourself.

Avoid too much self-promotion:

It is quite obvious that you are using Facebook to promote your brand and company but keep in mind that, it’s a social platform you need to be sociable and interact with your Facebook followers, not just push content at them.Talk to your fansshow interest in their comments, what they like, and use asuitablemanner. Define format, links and multimedia. Always remember that, your brand is what your fans think it is, not what you want them to think about the brand. Make sure that you should often response to their comments, this will make them engage with your brand.

Avoid posting press releases:

Press releases are usually formal while FB is an informal place which requires different type of messages. If you have a release then adapt it to the style used on the page otherwise your fans will find it boring.

Say Thanks to your fans:

At last but not least, always try to respond your fans. We know it’s difficult to response every comment but do as much as you can, this will feel special for having part of this post and are likely to comment on your update, which will in turn publish to their own Facebook profiles. It is actually quite a powerfulway of reinforcing connections, the more likers you get the more comments you get, it's a simple as that and you’re always active both in opening discussions as well as participating in them.


It’s not difficult to manage a Facebook page but with a little practice and common sense you can overcome any hurdle. Being organized about what you want to say and when you say it will make your life easier.

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  • Syed Noman Ali's picture
    Dec 13 Posted 4 years ago Syed Noman Ali

    Glad to hear, this will help you.

  • Syed Noman Ali's picture
    Dec 13 Posted 4 years ago Syed Noman Ali

    Great thanks for adding your opinion sir..

  • Qnary's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 4 years ago Qnary

    Facebook is a great place to advertise both yourself and your company.  Keep in mind that followers like interactive pages; companies should interact with their followers.  It shows that they are listening and want to do what is best for their followers and customers.

  • Luís Costa's picture
    Dec 12 Posted 4 years ago Luís Costa

    Thanks for sharing those useful tips

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