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5 Tips to Help Your Live-Tweeting Efforts

Those who have Twitter accounts might have engaged in live-tweeting. Anyone can become involved in it – as William Shatner showed recently – and it’s easy to see why. The idea of sharing one’s thoughts on new episodes of television shows, for example, is an appealing one, especially when given the broad scope of Twitter. However, are you certain that you are getting the most out of this as possible?

In order to help your live-tweeting efforts going forward, here are 5 tips to keep in mind.

1. Be mindful of your hashtags

It goes without saying that, without hashtags, your tweets will not be found by other Twitter users. If you are able to use hashtags correctly, not only will your posts become cleaner but they will be picked up by those who search for those particular hashtags. However, in order to maximize your results, keep your hashtags simple and to the point. More often than not, trending topics on Twitter are relatively snappy.

2. Pepper in a few pieces of trivia

It’s easy enough to observe and comment on what is being shown on television but if you want to stand out on Twitter, take it another step further. For example, during a particular scene of “Orange is the New Black,” perhaps you are aware of some behind-the-scenes news regarding the actors. This is the optimal moment for you to share it with not only your followers but Twitter as a whole. If you want to be creative with your live-tweeting efforts, this is one way to take them to the next level.

3. Don’t say anything too controversial

It’s human nature to rant about events that are not easily agreeable. While you do not necessarily have to abstain from ranting, it’s important to be careful about what is said. Insulting an actor or putting down a particular storyline on TV will not go over well; every popular show in the mainstream has its audiences and it’s very easy to rile their figurative feathers. If you aren’t careful about the actual content that is tweeted, you may lose a few followers.

4. Interact in pre-existing conversations

Sometimes you won’t be able to create a tweet that is entirely unique, which means that someone else might already have a discussing going. As a result, during your live-tweeting efforts, online marketing companies may suggest that you become involved in active conversations. Not only will you be able to get your points across but who is to say that you can’t pick up a unique viewpoint from someone else? While live-tweeting, it is very easy to attain an impromptu learning experience.

5. Most importantly, have fun

Live-tweeting should not be a chore, especially if you are a fan of a particular television show. Watching shows like “The Walking Dead” is one way to escape reality and the same can be said about live-tweeting as well. If you are not having fun while you’re tweeting about a certain show or event, perhaps you are putting too much thought into it. The best advice that can be given is to approach this endeavor as a hobby, which is what it is. After all, fun in the live-tweeting sphere should be had by everyone.

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