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5 Ways ANY Business Could Rock a Social Community Website for Sales

community site salesA new concept can sometimes be intimidating to figure out the best use or practice for your organization. You see the potential, but don’t have time for a learning curve. We have all been there, looking for a great example of someone doing it first or tips on how best to utilize a new platform.

It’s easy when it’s a “no-fail proposition”. How do you determine what exactly that would be with a newer service or platform? Last week I wrote about what went wrong with Facebook for groups and pages, and how we as users were really the cause of our own demise. I recommended a few platforms options to migrate to, including Follr.

Since then I have had a lot of inquiries about Follr and how to use it. As I have always suggested to people, if you answer the same question repeatedly why not write an article about it? If one person asks many more are wondering but not asking. 

I have always believed that no matter what your business is, you still rely upon connecting with a community of people, whether online or offline. To do this, all you have to do is try things, go out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith to get more success.

It’s not rocket science, it’s really a basic question of what do people want.

Recently, on the Follr blog, they highlighted how real estate professionals use social media and Follr Communities - Follr Logoproducts such as pages, groups and communities. The real estate agent model of online engagement is one that is easily translated to any other vertical, it’s just a matter of understanding how to use it.

Let’s focus on 5 ways that any, and I do mean ANY, business can rock a Follr Community. The results are guaranteed, truly phenomenal results like building your customer base, having a powerful organic reach and even reducing you marketing budget while potentially creating an entirely new revenue stream. The best benefit, selling more of your product, no matter what it is.

How You Can BE the Welcome Wagon.
Whenever people arrive in a new community or city they are never quite sure what to do or where to do. The reason real estate agents use this concept is that they know, they are the trusted resource for word-of-mouth referrals to local resources. The agents have an advantage, since they usually have a strong network of trusted referral partners. Consider it the Chamber of Commerce gone Digital.

Here are 5 Ways ANY Business can deliver what the audience wants and build phenomenal business success as well as increase sales.

  1. Be the Welcome Wagon.
    From Doctors, Dentists, Hairstylists, Health Clubs, parks and recreation, swim clubs, beach club, civic associations, most real estate pros keep a nice list to share with clients. All you have to do is make your own list, if you live in the community chances are you already have it, in the form of the service providers you rely upon.

    Create a Community focused on welcoming people to your town. This is a great way to use the Discussion Forum section of your Community website, building topics directed related to the most often requested referrals.

    Your social wall can display local news and media information, arts & entertainment, restaurants, parks, and anything. Find events happening in the area and post a weekly roundup. Once you get the community going you might even be able to look for sponsorship partners.

  2. Specialize.
    If you are a business that sells bicycles and services related, consider building a community focused on your areas bike trails and resources. Partner with local bike clubs and share their events, even give them their own discussion forums.

    Then, as the bike expert, offer an experts corner to answer questions. You could even go out and offer community services like bike safety education at schools. Its organic marketing, and you feel good by providing a service and helping possibly save lives.

    Are you an Organic Food Market? A local farm stand? A running store? A restaurant? It doesn’t really matter what you do, you can become the expert and own the area.

  3. Kids Club.
    No matter what business you are in, you can always create a community directed at families with children. Parents of toddlers and younger ones are always looking for new ways to engage their kids and allow them to burn off energy.

    This is especially great for a Pediatrician or Family physician to do. You could then also offer health tips or information. A nutritionist could focus on healthy snacks that kids will eat. Provide recipes for things to hide the vegetables that the little ones sometimes refuse.

  4. Give to Charities.
    "Create a community to directly help a specific charity, or compile a list of local charities and volunteer opportunities. As in the other models your business can sponsor the community and then you get the benefit of the exposure.

    Categorize charities on the Discussion boards so people can post information or share events. Organize a community wide drive for a Charity and have your local newspaper pick the story up, using your Follr Community website as the place to get more information.

    I think you can see where to go from there.

  5. Get Whacky, Have Fun! 
    There is always something unique and interesting about an area that people might not know. Build the Follr Community to collect all the neat and interesting things, places and people all in one cozy location.

    Got a haunted house in the city? Promote it. Do you have a local geological or weather anomaly? Promote that. People are fascinated by the weird, wonderful and whacky, so putting it all together in a single place can really attract a lot of attention, and you can have fun.

Nothing in particular you can think of? Use one of your personal interests or passions. Then make your business the sponsor. Not sure of what people might want? Ask your friends!

The potential of what you can do with a Follr Community website is limitless. The only possible limitation is your own imagination.

Want more ideas or have one you want to share? Stop by the Follr Support Community and share your ideas!!

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