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5 Ways to Reduce Social Media Exhaustion

social media burnoutAs someone who not only writes for a living but as a hobby, it’s easy to become drained. While you may love getting lost in a particular hobby or art form, going about it constantly, without a break, can be detrimental both professionally and personally. Not only will you find yourself working to a lower extent than usual but you might actually wind up hating the very platform you’ve invested so much time in. The same can be said for social media and the ways in which it is used.

Even those who are passionate about social media can become exhausted if it is used too much. Just like that one song you hear on the radio and enjoy at the onset, it can have you searching for another station in no time. You start to feel less like a human and more like a robot. In order to keep yourself from growing tired and drifting away from this platform entirely, here are 5 methods to reduce social media exhaustion.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate success

One of the reasons why become tired of social media rather quickly is because they do not see results early on. The problem is that any kind of work involving social media takes time, which might not sit well for those who more or less, have short-term plans in mind. The best">">SEO strategy, for instance, is one that is designed with a long-term purpose. Even though it may be a slower process, the rewards coincide with the effort. The same can be said for social media in general. Coming to terms with the fact that the work is more drawn-out may keep you more engaged.

Maintain a solid schedule

It goes without saying that the best work is done when a schedule is set in place and the same can be said in regards to preventing social media exhaustion as well. You have to be able to set time aside for different channels, making certain that each of them is given the appropriate amount of attention. While there are those who simply know when to focus on certain pages, more often than not it’s easy to lose track. As a result, if you do not have a concrete plan set in place, you might actually become burned out in the future. You will soon find that a schedule is surprisingly useful for staying more involved on the social networking front.

Limit the social media sites you’re engaged in

Keep in mind that social media accounts do not exactly equate to heavy user engagement. For example, when I first signed up for Twitter, I posted only about three messages or so before I lost interest. While this might be seen as a weakness, perhaps">Internet marketing companies can view it differently. Yes, you may not be active on one platform – Twitter, in my case – but this means that another platform can be given extra attention. In this situation, theoretically, I can focus more on expanding my presence on Facebook. If you do not have as many platforms to keep track of, you won’t grow tired of social media nearly as quickly.

Walk away when your attitude shifts

It is safe to say that those who are new to social media want to make the best impression. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to post inspirational quotes and song lyrics ad nauseam, they will still want to showcase a generally positive attitude. However, when social media exhaustion sets in, it’s very likely that demeanors will change. If people do not showcase tiredness with the messages or tweets they put forth, they might actually appear snappish towards others. To put it simply, the more people that you drive away with poor networking, the more tired you’ll be with social media in general. The best – and possibly only – advice that can be given is to simply walk away and come back to your page at a later time.

Take part in other hobbies

If you do nothing but post messages on Facebook and send out tweets on Twitter, it’s possible that you will become tired of such actions. When you feel like social media has become a bit too boring, get lost in other hobbies that you’ve either forgotten about or are curious to try. For example, did you start a book but stop midway through because a social networking game featuring birds or farming caught your eye? Maybe you’ve been curious about buying a fish as a pet but couldn’t set aside the time to research the best varieties. These are just a couple of scenarios but in order to still appreciate social media, other escapes must be seen.">">Photo Credit

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