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5 Ways Your Company Can Use Social Media: Tools to Employ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media for corporations, small businesses or startups is not just about “engagement”. It’s much broader than that – often including things like advertising, reputation management and customer service.

The Social Media Strategies Summit team does a great job of defining 5 areas that your company should be focusing on with regards to social media and provides various tool options for each.

5 Areas to Consider in Your Social Media Strategy

1) Social Listening

  • Listening for conversations about your company, competitors or other topics of interest
  • Social Listening / Social Media Monitoring tool recommendations include Meltwater Buzz and Social Mention

2) Social Conversation

  • Finding and responding to conversations online – engaging with others in social media
  • Social Conversation / Social Engagement tool options include Argyle Social and Hootsuite

3) Social Marketing

  • Launching and running campaigns and promotions in social media
  • Social Marketing tools include Buddy Media and Shortstack

4) Social Analytics

  • Measuring and analyzing results of social media efforts across various platforms
  • Social Analytics tools mentioned include Simply Measured and Sprout Social

5) Social Influencer

  • Identifying and engaging with influencers that are relevant to your company or industry
  • Social influencer tools include GroupHigh and Klout

Social Media Tools

Infographic via Social Media Strategies Summit

Which Social Media Tools does your company use?

So, which social media listening, engagement or analytics tools does your company use? What do you like most about that tool? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Marshall Crawford's picture
    Oct 16 Posted 1 year ago Marshall Crawford

    The most important thing to keep in mind is consistency. If you establish a presence and update it regularly, people will come to rely on you for information and entertainment. There is no better way to promote your business than to have it be associated with positive and engaging content. All the above 5 steps are awesome!


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