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6 Examples of Social Media Improving People's Lives

Social media websites have changed the way the people around the world interact with each other. No longer confined to traditional means of communication, people now can quickly access information and spread news simply by logging onto their favorite social networking site. While designed initially as a form of networking among close associates, websites like Facebook and Twitter now link people with their favorite organizations and charities without either party having to send letters, make phone calls, or schedule appointments. Indeed, charitable organizations across the globe continue to benefit from social media as they raise money, spread their message, and help those in need. While countless charities have established solid presences on such sites, these six particularly stand out with their success and leadership.


Wounded Warrior Project

This charity raises money and provides financial and medical assistance for wounded soldiers and their families. It expertly utilizes social networking sites like Facebook to link fans to fundraising campaigns, news reports, photos, and more in a bid to bolster its message. Wounded Warrior Project is reported to garner more than 30,000 page views each month on its Facebook account alone.

Make A Wish Foundation

The Make A Wish Foundation raises money to grant the wishes of critically or terminally ill children and young adults. As a global charity, it maintains active Facebook pages for each of its international chapters. These accounts help the organization raise money, share news, and also invite stories of families and children in need. The pages additionally share photos of celebrities entertaining and spending time with the patients this group helps.

Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation raises funds to help children in poverty have access to literacy educational assistance, medicine, and financial relief from their everyday living circumstances. This organization utilizes social media sites like Facebook to spread awareness of children in need throughout the world, as well as invite people to donate or help share this organization’s goal of helping at-risk youths.

Doctors Without Borders

An organization that consists of doctors and medical professionals volunteering their time and talents throughout the world, Doctors Without Borders also uses social media to raise money that will be used to send physicians and medical supplies to at-risk areas. People who follow this page can learn about the group’s campaigns, see pictures of patients being helped, and also donate money to the cause.

American Cancer Society

Most Americans have witnessed a loved one suffering from cancer. The American Cancer Society provides assistance to cancer patients and their families, as well as fundraisers to continue its work. People can follow the page to learn of upcoming fundraising walks, donation opportunities, or to find out how they can ask for financial or medical assistance for themselves or their loved ones. The page also provides information about local chapters and medical clinics with which this group partners.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, has particular success with raising money through its social media pages. As more people become pet owners and consider their pets to be family members rather than possessions, they also want to donate money and volunteer to help animals in need. The Facebook page alone for this group garners more than 5000 views each month. The page also gives information about how to donate time and money locally.

Social media websites provide a powerful resource that charities throughout the world continue to utilize. Many organizations enjoy record success with raising funds, spreading their message, and sharing news to their followers. These venues provide groups with faster more thorough means of communication without having to send letters, cold calling people, or scheduling times to meet with potential donors. Likewise, people who follow these groups also can donate money quickly and securely by visiting the online pages of their favorite charities.

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