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6 SMS Marketing Ideas For Small Business

I'm a big fan of SMS marketing (text message marketing). I firmly believe SMS is going to take off in the next year and begin to outpace other forms of marketing (like email marketing, for example) in both popularity with consumers and effectiveness for small businesses.

By the way -- if you're not yet using SMS marketing for your small business, the service I personally use and recommend is called and you can check them out here. (Disclosure: I'm an affiliate and I do earn a commission if you sign up with them. But again, this is the service I use myself and use with all of my private clients. Highly recommended.)

Here are 6 quick SMS marketing ideas for your business:

1. Send out a weekly text message tip.

This is my personal favorite. A simple weekly "text tip" keeps you in front of your prospects while providing value and paving the way for other types of text messaging.

2. Send out flash texts about unpublished sales.

Want to build exclusivity into your marketing? Flash sales announced only via text message are a great way to make your customers feel special and build excitement around your text message marketing.

3. Send out text reminders for appointments.

If you're a doctor, dentist, lawyer, consultant, or anyone who makes appointments (and relies upon people showing up to those appointments) text message reminders are an excellent way to increase your appointment conversion rates.

4. Send out order confirmation or update text messages.

Anytime your customers place an order or complete a new purchase, you can send a text message confirming the purchase and/or updating the customer on the order status.

5. Send out custom text message conversations.

In addition to some of these ideas above, you can also try out text message conversations at live events to capture specific data from new or existing prospects.

6. Send out texts that connect to your email marketing.

The reason text message SMS marketing is so effective is something like 90% of people keep their phone with them at all times. Sending out an important email soon? Send out a text message teaser to increase your email open rates.

These are just some quick ideas to get you thinking about how SMS marketing can work in your business. Many small business owners I talk to are still hesitant to put text message marketing to work for them because they find it intrusive. The truth is, today's consumer is becoming more welcoming of text message marketing all the time.

What other SMS marketing ideas do you have to add? Please type your comments and questions below.

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    Thanks for this interesting post, it is really good and useful. you can use this service when you are running new services and launch new products and want to reach to the targetable audience.

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