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6 Viral Video Marketing Tactics for YouTube

YouTube is one of the best ways to reach a target audience. It’s a video search engine based on keywords from users who want to find specific videos. Simply uploading a lot of video does not guarantee success, but the following tips on viral video marketing strategies can help build your following.

Make a compelling niche video.

Not every video goes viral because not all videos offer quality niche content. Be sure to offer something original that followers cannot find anywhere else online. If a video is generic it may get lost in the shuffle. It has a better chance of standing out if the content is unique and worth posting on social media.

Use thorough video descriptions.

Always give complete descriptions to your videos that you upload to YouTube. Mention who is in the video and explain the subject matter in as much detail as possible. Be sure to add a link to your website.

Add tags that identify your video’s keywords.

YouTube video tags s are essentially the same as keywords. Like descriptions, the tags can be added in the video manager section of your account.

Promote your video through social networks.

One of the most important things you can do to promote your videos is to share your videos on social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. When people give you positive responses, reply to their comments by encouraging them to share the videos with others who have similar interests.

Engage in conversations with followers on YouTube.

People sometimes forget that YouTube itself is a social network and that followers can post comments underneath your video. Make sure to respond to their comments and direct them to your website for more calls to action.

Transcribe your video so that it gets indexed by search engines.

In your video manager you can “add captions” and “create a transcript file,” which allow you to type the text of your video dialogue. You should also include transcriptions for which transcription services might be required, or summaries on your web pages so that Google and other search engines will index them.

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  • Digital Casanova's picture
    Nov 20 Posted 2 years ago Digital Casanova

    Great article!

    To cut through all ads and being sold to, I think its more important that your video have that "real life" feeling to it. I believe a video just taken with an iphone and looks more off script engages visitors more. This is proven on YouTube everyday with people uploading real-life moments and then seeing the thousands of hits that follow.

    Companies need to do a better job at using their brand ambrassdors to sell their products. So instead of handing over $500K to an agency to run a Youtube campagin and create a couple spots, run a contest that has your customers uploading videos of them using the product. This has way more impact then the agency campaign and you kept a chunk of money in your pocket to repurpose to other marketing channels.

    Digital Casanova


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