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6 Ways to Get Your Content to Stand Out

Sharing content is easier than ever when you use the internet and its many social networking platforms to market your company to leads and customers. This means that thousands of companies just like you are using the internet to market their products and services. In fact, 73% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did 12 months ago according to a 2014 survey from the Content Marketing Institute.

B2B Content Marketing 2014Image Credit: The Content Marketing Institute

And, it’s only going to get busier as digital content is estimated to grow by 600% by 2020, so in order to get noticed, you will need to make your content stand out from the crowd! Here are six ways to generate and maintain content that will make sure your leads and customers know you are different from the rest.

Offer a Unique Perspective

When you or your staff members are writing a blog post or article about something, think about how other companies might write on that topic. Try to express something different from what you would expect from the average company, and different from what the average reader might expect on that topic. Don’t be afraid to say what you truly think, even if that means being a little controversial or unconventional. Be bold, genuine, and creative—these are things that intrigue readers, making them want to read more content from you.

“Live” Content Opportunities

It’s great to have time to carefully plan your content before publishing it to the internet, but if you’re brave enough, you may see some very positive results by offering “live” opportunities for followers to interact with you and your business representatives through Q&A sessions in a chat rooms, or informative webinars that they can attend. Followers will be thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with you in real time, and it will give you a chance to demonstrate that customer relations is a high enough priority for you that you would set aside the time to chat with a group in an open forum. Afterwards, you can save the chat transcripts and webinar recordings in your archives so anyone viewing your website can access them whenever the mood strikes.

GIFs, Comics, Games and Quizzes

Let your followers know you have a lighter side by featuring “fun” content like GIFs, comic strips, games, and personality quizzes. These kinds of content are highly shareable on social media, because followers love being entertained and sharing what they find amusing with their social circles. A carefully placed GIF will bring your content to life with motion, a light-hearted comic strip will give your followers a chuckle, and games like crossword puzzles, mazes and word searches will give your followers a brain exercise while they are engaging with your brand. Be sure to make quiz results easy to share on Facebook or blogs, and soon, everyone will be taking your quizzes because they will want to know what kind of result they would get compared with their friends.

Make Your Followers “Stars”

Followers like hearing what you have to say about yourself and your company, but they also like being in the spotlight now and then. Featuring a “follower of the month” through an interview article, follower-submitted photo or video, or podcast recording you share on your blog or Facebook page is a great way to create user-generated content and keep followers excited. Any follower will jump at the opportunity to express themselves in front of an audience. Other followers will keep updated with your content if they know there is a chance they could be the featured “follower of the month” next.

Use Staff Talents for Creative Content

If you are paying attention, you will notice that each of your staff members will have a unique talent—singing, drawing, cooking, knitting, playing an instrument, the list goes on. Share pictures and videos of these talents within the context of your company and your followers will be delighted to get to know your staff members as unique individuals while they are being entertained or learning something new. Anything you can do to make your company feel personal to your followers will strengthen their loyalty to your brand and encourage them to share your content with others.

Surprise Your Followers

If there is a certain form of content you rarely share with your followers, surprise them with that content and see how they react. Release an impromptu podcast with a well-known figure in your field. Post some coupons or discount codes that followers can use on your website. Announce a surprise sale that will end at midnight the next day. Mail your followers a free gift as a token of your appreciation. Your followers will notice that other companies are not doing this, and they will keep a closer eye on your content in anticipation of more fun surprises. Content can get boring as soon as people know what to expect, but if followers can expect the unexpected from you, it will leave them on the edge of their seats waiting for more.

Keeping content fresh, creative, fun and user-oriented is a guaranteed way to stand out and make a striking impression on your followers. Focus on creating the best content at all times and your content marketing campaigns will succeed.

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