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7 Ways to Use Slideshare to Get More Blog Traffic

Wow, looks like Slideshare is stepping up to the big leagues.

Today, I perused a nifty infographic that tallies up some impressive stats for the powerpoint hub.

  • One of the Top 150 sites on the web
  • 60 million visitors a month
  • 3 Billion slide views a month

It seems that Slideshare has gone and done the impossible – turned the powerpoint deck into a content marketing darling.

Go figure.

Normally, I would Evernote this info and go on about my business but something sparkly caught my eye…

Look close…

It shows that Slideshare rules the roost for reaching almost every type of business player including microbusiness owners, small biz entrepreneurs, corporate chieftains, and small business employees.

With that little nudge, the lazy hamster in my head climbed into his wheel and started doing his magic…

How to Use Slideshare to Attract a Business Audience

Slideshare dubbed itself as  The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing. The pitch goes something like: presentation decks are often filled to the gills with interesting facts, stats, and perspectives and a well done presentation could get passed to thousands of decision-makers.

So, creating a great presentation document could be an easy an inexpensive way to show off your thought leadership. Oh, and Slideshare is the best platform to spread your fame far and wide.

They had me at “facts and stats”

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  1. Turn presentations into eBooks: Add a narrative and a little structure and you can turn your presentation into a nice juicy ebook. Tablets and smartphones are making ebooks easier to read on the run and Slideshare has the reach.
  2. Add Call-to-Actions to your Presentations: Use every opportunity to ask for a Twitter follow or even better an email subscription. See your presentation as front-end advertising that needs to generate a conversion.
  3. Upload Often: As with all content marketing, the more you give the more you get. Add creating a Slideshare presentation/ebook to your monthly publishing calendar.
  4. Optimize Like It’s 1999: Slideshare has a search engine that makes finding presentations on specific topics easier. Where there is a search engine, there is an optimization opportunity. I’m not an Slideshare optimization expert but I’m sure it can’t hurt to add relevant keywords to your presentation title. Also consider adding 1 or 2 targeted keywords as presentation tags as well.
  5. Promote Your Slideshare Content: Slideshare has added social sharing buttons to the presentations. Asking for a share within your presentation may nudge a reader to hit the retweet button. Also you should make sure your twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn audiences know that you have a new presentation available.
  6. Look Like a Million Bucks: Most of the presentation graphics on Slideshare are god awful. Take some time to create an attractive design template for all of your presentations. This will insure that potential customers don’t misjudge your professionalism and expertise.
  7. Don’t Be Stingy: Slideshare gives you the option of restricting presentation downloads. Don’t do it. Content Marketing works best when there is minimal friction to sharing. Encourage people to download your presentations and share them with as many people as they like. Just double-check to make sure that your blog url, twitter handle, and offer to subscribe to your blog newsletter is included in every presentation.

Are you a Slideshare Ninja?

I’m sure I’ve just scratched the surface of how your can use the new King of Content Marketing. Leave a comment below with your tip and I will add it to the list.

Join The Conversation

  • Feb 16 Posted 4 years ago Sparkle_Agency

    For the last 18 months or so, I was simply uploading my PPT presentations from social media speeches & keynotes to Slideshare and "sort of" looking at the stats generated. Recently though, I found an article on Ana Hoffman's Trafiic Generation Cafe, by guest blogger Mauro D'Andrea called "How To Milk the Slideshare Homepage For All the Traffic You Can Handle" and it outlined a step-by-step process for dramatically increasing your Slideshare successes of traffic & lead generation.

    I used it to launch awareness of my upcoming campaing for mental health awareness & NFP organization fundraising called #HappinessTrain. With the help of my Sparkle Agency intern, Patrycja Wygnal, we crowdsourced contributors on the subject of bulying & cyberbullying, along with the impact it has on mental health & happiness.

    We began by reaching out to the scheduled speakers at NMX in Las vegas early January 2013, and posted a query to HARO and asking for contributors to answer 3 questions:

    • How had they experienced bullying in their lives?
    • What responsibility do we have to address bullying?
    • Which organizations can they recommend as resources to people suffering at the hands of bullies currently?

    We recieved personal stories, strategies and resources contributed by business leaders and organizations including Mari Smith, Mike Michalowicz, Terry Cutler, and dozens more, including organizations and resources for another 25+

    The blog post was called Community Comes Together to End Bullying, and we used the same name for the Slideshare presentation (which was embedded in the blog post).

    After coordinating the responces into a multi-page blog post, we created a slideshare of compelling quotes from contributors & a list of organizational options including live embedded links.

    Launching on February 12, 2013 was beneficial becuase every Tweet, Facebook share & more including the hashtag #BellLetsTalk contributed to Bell's cmapaign to generate funds & awareness for mental health organizations in Canada (the results of the day were over $5,000,000 in funds generated).

    We were competing with SlideShare releasing a new platform feature (outlined on a Slideshare itself), so that had the Top Slideshare spot on the Homepage all day.

    For a 1st attempt, it was successful! We recieved 2500+ views in the 1st 48 hours after posting and we're featured on the homepage of Slideshare for two days, including features on Hot on Facebook, Hot on LinkedIn, Hot on Twitter and Trending on Twitter.

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