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Tuesday, June 20th

8 Great Tools for Online Community Managers

Unless you live under a rock and/or rarely utilize God’s greatest gift to this earth, otherwise known as the Internet, you know by now that content marketing is KEY. Whether it be for your personal brand, small business or corporation, content must to be upbeat, helpful, relevant, entertaining, interesting and more, all at once. The problem: searching for and vetting the right content is exhausting! – not to mention time-consuming. If you’re on online community administrator and occasionally find yourself struggling to curate and provide quality content for your members/followers, this list of content resources has you covered! Read on for eight of the best curative and support tools for Online Community Managers.


Specifically designed for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn syndication, allows users to enter specific keywords, general topics and even preferred sources in order to generate content worth sharing. Articles automatically pop up on a dashboard and with one click a tweet populates with the article title, a shortened URL and tags to source and author. Suggested hash tags appear to the right as an added bonus!

2. has a very simple mantra: You are what you publish. Simply create a topic of your choice and enter a few keywords and scrapes the Internet for relevant content. Much like, allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms seamlessly. In addition, features a newsletter capability where you can combine several pieces of content and blast them out to your members as a weekly or monthly compilation.


RebelMouse takes all content from across your social networks and collects it on a front page dashboard for you. This allows you to sort through the good and the bad and decide what’s worth sharing. In addition to pulling in content, RebelMouse also has syndication capabilities comparable to the tools listed above. Founded in 2012 by former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry, you know RebelMouse is legit.

4. aims to be your go-to site for a daily dose of content. It scrapes content based on your inserted keywords and arranges them in a newspaper-like format on your Twitter feed. Along with social capabilities, provides embedding and scheduled updates as well.

5. entails a bit more effort than or, but it’s worth it. This platform allows you to pull similar content – say all media on one news story – and perfectly curate a multimedia piece of content. Think combining a news article with a Tumblr, instagram and Facebook post to provide the full social media story on something you feel is worth sharing.

6.        Community Managers

Less syndication, more support - Follr’s Online Community Managers Community (say that five times fast) is a one-stop shop for advice, guidance, support and inspiration from other community managers (read: a place to commiserate or co-celebrate). Members frequently post interesting and helpful content to aid in your community enhancement efforts.


If list making is your thing, you need to be on this platform. lets you make lists of content and share them with your friends or followers. You can even collaborate on lists and have each editor annotate the entries. It’s a great way to have multiple discussions at once with those you want to hear from.

8.        Pinterest

Last but not least, Pinterest! “Pinterest?!” you say! Why yes, Pinterest can be a useful curation tool if you utilize Community Boards. Pick a topic and invite friends/members/followers to post content to the board. From there you can pick and choose what to feature on your community. Bonus: Members love to help with community activities.. Consider picking one article and it’s respective pinner each week as a feature on your site. 

Have any other useful resources for Online Community Managers and Administrators? Let me know in the comments section below and your suggestions could be featured in my next #LinksWeLove post! 

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  • Dialogfeed's picture
    Sep 29 Posted 2 years ago Dialogfeed

    Thanks Laura for these social tools !

    Let me also share Dialogfeed tool for community managers: a social wall that can be embedded onsite. It simply aggregates your social network contents (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube...) and displays them in a front page social wall, after content moderation if needed.




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